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World Energy Outlook 2017 to include focus on China’s energy outlook and the natural gas revolution

The global energy scene is in a state of flux. Understanding the dynamic interplay of energy markets, technology and policy has never been more critical. The World Energy Outlook (WEO), widely regarded as the gold standard of energy analysis, provides strategic insight on what today’s policy and investment decisions mean for long-term trends. The 2017 […]

TUV Rheinland Releases 2017 White Paper on Continuous Operation of Photovoltaic Power Plant

China has taken a leading position in the global photovoltaic field. In 2015, the installation capacity of Chinese photovoltaic plants ranked top in the world. Power plant enterprises will now focus on providing photovoltaic plants with the conditions for continuous operation. With years of experience in the photovoltaic field, on the basis of solid market […]

Deep energy transformation needed by 2050 to limit rise in global temperature

Limiting the rise in global mean temperature to well below 2°C would require an energy transition of exceptional scope, depth and speed, according to an analysis by the International Energy Agency, including a doubling of annual average energy-related investments from current levels. As recent IEA estimates show, global energy-related CO2 emissions stalled for a third […]