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Marshall Island Solar Mini-Grids Make Water, Save Lives

Amid unprecedented rising sea levels from Climate Change, forward thinking governments are discovering the world’s most technologically advanced, expandable, plug and play, solar and wind powered mini-grids and pairing them with high efficiency, R.O. water production units to ensure affordable, sustainable, water security for their communities during these changing times. Thousands of lives are being […]

MNC to tap solar energy

Amritsar, June 9 “Walmart India has pledged to meet 50 per cent of energy needs through renewable energy by installing solar panels in all our stores,” said Krish Iyer, president and CEO, Walmart India. In a statement here today, Iyer said, “We are retrofitting lighting systems in all stores by replacing conventional tubes with LED, […]

TBI Blogs: How an IIT Madras Initiative Is Powering 4,000 Homes at a Fraction of Traditional Electricity Costs

In today’s India, there is an interesting dichotomy. Urban dwellers tend to take electricity for granted despite chronic load shedding, while at the same time, for the approximately 300 million Indians living off-grid, mere access to power is more of a privilege. As such, uninterrupted, reliable power still remains a distant reality in many parts […]

Manipal University goes greener with latest PV power generation plant

MANIPAL: Manipal University added another green energy cover to existing rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation plant at indoor sports complex on Tuesday.Chikkananjappa, managing director, MESCOM, inaugurated the 119-kWp solar rooftop PV plant at the indoor sports complex. With this, the university now has eight buildings with rooftop solar plants and helped the university achieve 55% […]