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SOFARSOLAR shows strength in Intersolar exhibition and a number of core products are being the focus

SOFARSOLAR shows strength in Intersolar exhibition and a number of core products are being the focus


On 20th-22nd of June in 2018, “Intersolar Europe 2018” kicks off in New International Exhibition Center of Munich, Germany, as one of TOP three brands in shipments of string inverters in China, the leader of power storage inverters, SOFARSOLAR is carrying the solutions for power storage inverter, all-in-one inverter, photovoltaic (pv) grid tied inverter, power storage & E-vehicle charging system and on-grid & off-grid system, in the face of global pv enterprises, they compete and show strengths in one stage. SOFARSOLAR has also demonstrated the comprehensive strength of in terms of software and hardware among China’s inverter manufacturing enterprises by this opportunity, illustrating the core position of SOFARSOLAR in the field of inverters.

David Zhong (Vice president of SOFARSOLAR) thinks, this is the largest and most influential solar exhibition in Europe, we pay close attention to that, and we also concentrated display the newest product and the core technology to the world by this opportunity, the ac coupling power storage inverter, on-grid & off-grid all-in-one machine attracted industry attention, relying on technical innovation and humanized design.

In SOFARSOLAR R&D system, after officially marketed, a huge influence of market was brought, it laid a significant foundation for power storage market as well.

First of all, this series of products gets the strong function of compatibility, it can improve the existing photovoltaic (pv) grid system, build a new storage system, and can be compatible with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, and it is worth mentioning that it also can be compatible with photovoltaic inverters of other brands

Secondly, it is high reliability, scientific design scheme is adopted by internal wiring to ensure efficient operation under low loss. The key internal devices adopt international famous brands to ensure the stable operation of the machine and extend the service life. At the same time, it also has advanced battery management technology to protect the battery life.

In a mean time, the system management is intelligent, data analysis and remote control functions are included, by the technology of Internet of things, the power using condition of system can be controlled and real-time viewed by the user at any time throughout the intelligent terminals.

SOFARSOLAR on-grid & off-grid all-in-one machine, the power storage inverter designed and developed for household, industrial and commercial users will be officially sold to the market in June 2018. This series of models will be integrated into the core power storage inverter technology of SORFARSOLAR, which will be a wind indicator for the future power storage market.

This series of models have flexible power management system solutions. The power of the system is 0-100% adjustable. During the day, the electricity generated by photovoltaic is priority used for the household load, the excess power is stored in the battery. After the battery is full, the excess power can be reconnected to the power grid. At night, the battery packs discharge to the load, reducing the amount of electricity purchased from the grid, the proportion of photovoltaic self-generate and self-use can be increased by 80%, highly reducing the household electricity bill. And the system solution has the function of on-grid &off-grid connected operation, under the condition of the power grid or unstable, seamless switching to off-grid mode, to guarantee the continuous and stable operation of the load, it is suitable for power system instability occasions.

A number of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters are on display. As one of the earliest inverter enterprises to enter the European market in China, product quality and brand of SOFARSOLAR win great popular support. Several kinds of string inverters occupy the main market share in main markets of Europe, in the exhibition, SOFARSOLAR shows the second generation machine of 3-7.5 kW single-phase grid inverter, 4-40 kW three-phase inverter and 50-70 – kW inverter. The second generation machine of 3-7.5 kW single-phase grid inverter gets the comprehensive breakthrough in efficiency, quality and life, for instance, IGBT adopts new generation of American fairchild and Germany’s infineon brand, it greatly reduces the switching loss; The fuselage adopts all-aluminum structure and circuit topology was high frequency designed, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the inverter and improves the user installation experience. At the same time, this series has better heat dissipation, greatly improving the service life of the machine.

David Zhong believes that SOFARSOLAR products are popular in international markets because of two reasons. The first is that the quality and efficiency of its products can be ensured. Every product produced by SHENZHEN SOFARSOLAR co., LTD has 6 parts of 100% tests. Every step is strictly controlled to ensure the quality of products. With continuous innovation and breakthroughs in technology, various kinds of inverters and power storage inverters of SOFARSOLAR have become models of high quality and high efficiency. Secondly, services. In the international market, it has a complete marketing channels and service center, forming the service, sales and storage center of Germany, Italy, Australia, India, covering more than 100 countries and regions of the world.

In the future, SOFARSOLAR will put forth effort making more international influence inverter brand, putting more power storage inverter products into the international market, to provide a valuable service for more customers, to promote the change and development of world’s inverter technology and power storage technology.


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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