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Back from the Brink, ViZn Turns to China for Flow Battery Commercialization

The Montana-based startup will license its unconventional storage technology to a Chinese industrial consortium under a new deal. Flow battery maker ViZn Energy bounced back from a near-bankruptcy experience last year to land a deal with a Chinese industrial consortium. Many companies have failed in the quest to commercialize technological alternatives to lithium-ion batteries, which […]

China’s Big Push for Solar Energy

Emerging markets are frontrunners in solar energy production and consumption. By overtaking the developed countries, emerging economies like China and India have become important players in the solar energy market. 1While China is the largest consumer of coal and the second largest consumer of oil after the United States (US), it has also emerged as the […]

China, India Lead Global Solar Expansion as Costs Fall

 India and China are driving a rapid global expansion in large-scale, solar power developments as the cost of building new projects falls, according to an analysis by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. “Solar energy is taking an increasingly prominent role in driving the ongoing transformation of global electricity generation markets alongside gains in […]