Utilities are starting to invest in big batteries instead of building new power plants

Due to their decreasing costs, lithium-ion batteries now dominate a range of applications including electric vehicles, computers and consumer electronics. You might only think about energy storage when your laptop or cellphone are running out of juice, but utilities can plug bigger versions into the electric grid. And thanks to rapidly declining lithium-ion battery prices, […]

EIA Outlook 2019: The ‘Extremely Conservative’ Case for Renewables Growth

Outside analysts see better long-term growth prospects for wind, solar and electric vehicles than the projections offered up in the government report. The U.S. Energy Information Administration last week published the federal government’s annual long-term energy outlook report. Top-level items focused on the surging production of U.S. oil and natural gas, which the EIA expects […]

Wind To Surpass Hydro as No. 1 U.S. Renewable Power Source in 2019

Meanwhile, coal will keep losing. Wind power is on track to surpass hydropower as the U.S. grid’s largest source of renewable electricity in 2019, according to Energy Information Administration data. Hydro had a century-long head start, and plants like the 2,000megawatt Hoover Dam and 6,800-megawatt Grand Coulee Dam still outsize any other generating stations. However, […]

It’s Official: Gov. Brown Signs 100% Clean Energy Into Law

It’s Official: Gov. Brown Signs 100% Clean Energy Into Law He also signed an executive order directing California to achieve carbon neutrality—economy-wide—by 2045. Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 100 Monday, completing the legislative effort to transition California to fossil-fuel-free electricity. The law, which calls for 60 percent renewable energy by 2030 and 100 percent carbon-free […]

GE Says Its New Battery Product Can Cut Grid-Scale Storage Installation Times in Half

After a reboot, the energy giant is getting more serious about storage. GE has released a containerized energy storage product with a competitive advantage for installation time. The 1.2-megawatt, 4-megawatt-hour Reservoir system marks a new entry into the standardized, large-scale battery market. It reflects a strategic shift at GE’s storage practice, which recently reorganized after […]