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Ampion and Lodestar Launch Community Solar in Western Massachusetts

Ampion and Lodestar Launch Community Solar in Western Massachusetts


SOUTHWICK, Mass: Ampion and Lodestar Energy are now offering community solar subscriptions to all Eversource customers in Western Massachusetts. Each subscription will be to one of two 2.9 MW solar farms in Southwick. Ampion will manage the subscriptions while Lodestar will own and operate the facilities.

Community solar allows electric users to receive the benefits of solar without upfront investments or panel installations. As the solar farms deliver energy to the electric grid, subscribers receive credits that offset their electric bill. In addition to choosing an environmentally friendly power source, subscribers save money through the program, as each credit is sold at a 10% discount of their offset value.

“Once customers understand community solar, it becomes clear that it’s a win-win” said Chris Mills of Ampion, who organizes subscription campaigns for the program. “Southwick has limited capacity, but we’re hoping to reach as many people as we can for future projects. Everyone deserves the opportunity to choose a cleaner, more affordable power source.”

“We’re excited to provide clean, local energy to Western Massachusetts. Add in the fact that we can supply that energy at a discount, to anyone who wants it, and we’re thrilled” said Jaime A. Smith, Co-Founder at Lodestar. “We’re transforming the grid’s infrastructure in a way that’s financially beneficial to its participants, all while addressing the need for sustainable power.”

Lodestar will continue to construct new community solar projects across Massachusetts, anticipating over fifty additional megawatts by 2020, for which Ampion will also provide management services. Currently, parties interested in the Southwick projects can enroll directly online at signup.lodestar.ampion.net.

About Ampion:
Ampion performs Customer and Asset Management services for renewable energy providers. Ampion’s cloud-based platform supports customer acquisition, billing and payment, production monitoring, contract management, and customer engagement services to enable performance and revenue optimization for all renewable energy projects. To learn more, visit ampion.io or email info@ampion.net.

About Lodestar:
Lodestar develops distributed generation (or “community solar”) and utility-scale solar projects. The company focuses on both organic origination and acquisition, having developed and financed over $125 million in projects. They are a team of clean energy enthusiasts utilizing regulatory expertise, referral networks, market knowledge, and financing experience to make solar energy accessible to all demographics, from low-income housing units to municipalities, public companies, and more.

Source: Ampion
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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