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BHEL Achieved Higher Protection and Centralized Management for Thousands of Endpoints

BHEL Achieved Higher Protection and Centralized Management for Thousands of Endpoints


One of the largest power generation equipment manufacturer of India Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) design, engineer, manufacture, construct, test, commission, and service a wide range of products and services for core industrial sectors such power, transmission, industry, transportation (railways), renewable energy, oil and gas, water, and defense.

They are delivering more than 180 products to all these sectors. The huge number of services and thousands of employees working day-and-night on different machines. This led to risk of attack on the data plus absence of central monitoring were also creating trouble to keep an eye 24/7 on different locations.


Having the multiple geo location in India and worldwide, across 35 locations, with over 23,000 end points the biggest challeng with BHEL is managing all of them because each business unit managed its own IT procurement for endpoints. This distributed architecture made BHEL vulnerable to security threats.

BHEL were looking for one security solution to consolidate its security posture with a centralized architecture to bring all endpoints and servers under a single umbrella with a unified cybersecurity operations center (SOC) assurance level.

BHEL implemented the Trend Micro Endpoint Security solution in phases partnering with CMS IT Services Pvt. LTD. This Endpoint Security, enabled BHEL to gain protection against advanced threats and attacks. Its unified, user-centric management provided multiple layers of interconnected security—all managed from a single console. The standardized and customizable reports provided a complete picture of threats across multiple vectors, enabling the organization to gain complete visibility across all locations and units. The solution also provided advanced anti-malware techniques, enabling data security for every device.

BHEL strengthened security environment with Trend Micro OfficeScan, which enabled anti-malware and advanced threat protection. OfficeScan eliminates security gaps across user activities and endpoints by leveraging high-fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques that constantly learn, adapt, and automatically share threat intelligence across environments.

Trend Micro Control Manager provided centralized, user-based security management, which created a holistic view of the company’s security posture. The visual timelines provided patterns of threat activities for users across their devices and within organizational groups, enabling consistent policy enforcement to protect data and manage threats across multiple security layers.

  • Products
    • Endpoint Security
    • OfficeScan
    • Control Manager


  • Protection against advanced threats and attacks
  • Unified, user-centric management
  • multiple layers of interconnected security
  • Standardized and customizable reports


The successful deployment of Trend Micro’s Endpoint Security solution provided BHEL with significant benefits, including protecting the company’s geographically distributed endpoints and servers under a single umbrella. The consolidation across 35 locations also resulted in reducing the number of management servers to six. In addition, Trend Micro’s centralized, user-based security management dashboard enabled BHEL to gain complete visibility of all endpoints and servers across various geographical locations.

Consolidating endpoint security across all units resulted in substantial cost savings and optimization of IT resources and provided centralized control over every endpoint in BHEL’s network. With Trend Micro’s state-of-the-art anti-malware techniques, BHEL gained multiple layers of threat protection and data security for its endpoints and servers. Integrating Trend Micro Control Manager into BHEL’s cyber-SOC resulted in greater visibility of the endpoints and servers located across all locations.

“Trend Micro’s Endpoint Security solution provides complete visibility at a centralized level, giving a unified level of cybersecurity awareness across BHEL,” said Sandeep Kumar, Dy. General Manager at BHEL.

With new threats emerging daily, BHEL’s IT security team constantly reviews its security requirements to ensure its distributed environment remains protected. With a unified view of its entire threat landscape, the company has a better understanding of how to keep its users and environment protected from the next generation of advanced attacks.

Source: ciol
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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