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Breakthrough Energy Technology Seeks Investors

Breakthrough Energy Technology Seeks Investors


Giant Leap Solar has begun accepting interest from accredited investors via a campaign at Fundable.com Giant Leap is pioneering development of Digital Glass™, the first ever means of non-mechanical direct digital control of sunlight for both photovoltaic and solar thermal energy applications – including base-load electricity with molten salt storage for day and night operations.

“At Giant Leap Solar we believe that the next major advance in solar energy and climate change mitigation lies in the digital control of sunlight,” says founder, CEO and former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Dr. Leo DiDomenico.

Digital Glass™ is fabricated by an advanced form of 3D-printing developed by manufacturing development partner Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Digital Glass incorporates blood-vessel-scale capillaries into transparent sheets, distributing tiny amounts of optical fluid digitally to make embedded mirrors become visible or invisible as needed to redirect sunlight onto super-efficient solar receivers. The early-stage technology has the potential to reduce the cost of electricity by up to 10x compared to fossil fuels and provide up to a 10x smaller footprint than today’s solar energy systems. “It is quite amazing to see the structures become invisible or visible on demand; it reminds me of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak,” says Dr. DiDomenico.

Giant Leap Solar is seeking the financial support of accredited investors to help raise $500k or more to provide a required 20% cost share and related activities for a highly vetted $2.2M cooperative SunShot research and development award from the US Department of Energy.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for accredited investors to leverage millions of dollars in direct federal support and additional millions of dollars in laboratory facilities to advance renewable energy, climate change, national security and an investment with the potential for high pay off,” says Dr. Leo DiDomenico, “However, we are up against a January 30, 2017 deadline imposed by the US government to raise the cost-share or we could lose access to the government’s support – so we are eager to find investors quickly.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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