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Switching to renewable energy reduces carbon emissions but at the cost of increased energy poverty

Renewable energy consumption reduces carbon emissions more effectively when it occurs in a context of increasing inequality. Switching to renewable energy sources from fossil fuels can help reduce carbon emissions but at the expense of increased energy inequality, claimed a study. The study published in the journal ‘Energy Research & Social Science’ found that renewable […]

Developed Countries Need to Do More for Climate Finance: Economic Survey

Under the Paris Agreement, developed countries had agreed to provide financial support to developing countries to deal with the impacts of climate change and take measures to limit emissions. New Delhi: The Economic Survey of 2018-19 released on Thursday has criticised industrialised nations for not providing financial support to developing countries for climate change adaptation […]

About 100 world cities used 70% of electricity from renewable sources in 2018: Report

Renewables have become integral to city efforts to reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions Cities, at the forefront of energy transition, are increasingly adopting renewable options. At least 100 cities across the world reportedly generated 70 per cent or more of their electricity from renewable energy sources in 2018, according to REN21’s Renewables 2019 Global […]

Greener energy may mean slower growth

In future, as the world works to protect the climate by turning to low-carbon fuel sources, lower economic growth may be an unwanted consequence Economists teach us that resources don’t just run out. As something becomes scarcer, its price rises, triggering a search for new supplies or the discovery of substitutes. We’ve seen it happen […]