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Navigant Research Report Shows the Annual Global Market for the Deployment of Residential Energy & Non-Energy Solutions Is Expected to Reach Nearly $36 Billion in 2027

Energy suppliers can create new solutions-focused revenue opportunities beyond traditional energy supply BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the global market for emerging residential energy and non-energy solutions, examining key market drivers, barriers, trends, and business models. Historically, residential customer relationships with utilities have consisted of transactions to ensure the delivery of […]

Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement Continues to Break Records in 2018

Corporate renewable energy procurement has set a new single-year record for new capacity of announced wind and solar deals in 2018, the Business Renewables Center (BRC), a membership program at Rocky Mountain Institute, reported today in its updated corporate-backed renewable energy procurement deal tracker. BOULDER, COLO.: “The record number of companies successfully pursuing renewable energy […]

Energy and Utility Companies Increasingly Leverage AI to Harness the Power of Renewable Energy Sources

AI’s ability to understand patterns in data and make highly accurate predictions and simulations will increase growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan SANTA CLARA, Calif.: Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with a slew of advanced technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and advanced neural networks, has demonstrated huge potential to transform the energy and utilities sector. With decarbonization, decentralization, and the rollout […]

New Liquid Crystal Elastomer Can Boost Conversion Rate of PV Cells

A new-type liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) has been developed, with the potential for application in PV cells to boost the latter’s conversion rate, thanks its phototropism feature. The technology has been developed by researchers at Wyss Institute of Harvard University, who first manage the molecular arrangement of LCE via magnetic field (exposure to different magnetic […]

Coal on its way out as rising costs make production unviable; renewable energy sources much better, cheaper option

Earlier this month, fishermen in North Chennai sighed in collective relief after the Madras High Court ruled in their favour — even if temporarily — by stopping the Vallur Thermal Power Plant from building yet another fly ash pond in the Athipattu Pudunagar area of Thiruvallur district and also from dumping sludge in the old […]