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SDG 7: How much Hydrogen would contribute to Affordable and Clean Energy

The 34 interviews, conducted with companies such as Engie, Airbus, Toyota and Alstom, suggest that a series of co-existing factors are playing in favour of hydrogen’s role in the Grand Transition. On the one hand, climate change targets and air pollution concerns are leading governments and companies to seek cost-effective decarbonising solutions. Clean and Affordable […]

WoodMac: Natural Disasters No Big Catalyst for Microgrid Deployment

The majority of microgrids aren’t deployed immediately after a storm, and most still don’t include multiple clean energy technologies. After Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico and ripped out its electricity infrastructure, renewables developers quickly descended on the island to offer clean energy and resilient solutions such as battery storage, residential […]

Navigant Research Report Shows Lithium Ion Battery Prices Are Expected to Fall at an Average Annual Rate of 6.5% for the Next Decade

Growing demand for stationary energy storage and a resulting increase in manufacturing is driving down battery costs BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research examines pricing trends and issues driving growth for energy storage technologies. The report provides pricing forecasts for large format lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries used in both grid storage and EV […]

Vestas Reclaims Position as Top Global Wind Turbine Manufacturer in 2018, According to Navigant Research

Shifts in OEM rankings reflect an industry plateau created by increased cost pressures and competition from solar BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research tracks wind turbine OEM market distributions and market shares by region and country. In 2018, global installed wind power capacity decreased year-to-year from 52 GW to 50.6 GW, due to […]