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Chemtrols Solar to launch SPOWDI solar pump in March, 2019

Chemtrols Solar to launch SPOWDI solar pump in March, 2019


Solar solutions company Chemtrols Solar Pvt Ltd will launch SPOWDI solar pump across India in March, 2019 as part of its national distributorship agreement with the Swedish technology company SPOWDI.

SPOWDI’s solar pump is a set of three key components comprising a motor-less pump, a 120 Wp solar PV module and a power management box that can drive the pump using DC as well as AC power as and when required.

SPOWDI had signed a national distributorship agreement with Chemtrols Solar recently, and the two have been working closely on strategizing the sale and distribution of the product across India. Chemtrols Solar had showcased the product and the technology during the recently held Renewable Energy India Expo in Greater Noida, and had received a huge interest from a large number of prospective dealers from across the country.

Accordingly to Chemtrols Solar’s director, Mr Anish Rajgopal, the company has invited applications from prospective dealers and the two partners are scheduled to conduct dealer training programs in February, 2019, prior to the formal launch of the pump in India.

The pump system has no parallel in the market, as it consumes barely 70 Wp of energy to provide a flowrate of about 72 litres per minute for water distribution in fields and for domestic pumping solution upto a height of 15 metres. These usages will considerably reduce power distribution companies losses over a period of years because the pump provides an alternative to the subsidised power supplied by the discoms, he said.

Source: chemtrolssolar
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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