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Chhattisgarh approves Rs 34,715 crore Annual Plan 2016-17

Chhattisgarh approves Rs 34,715 crore Annual Plan 2016-17


Chhattisgarh State Planning Commission has approved the annual plan 2016-17 worth Rs 34,715 crore for the state with focus on boosting agriculture production, maximum use of irrigation capacity, better road connectivity and quality education. Chief Minister Raman Singh recently presided over a meeting of the Chhattisgarh State Planning Commission in which the ‘Annual Plan 2016-17’ of Rs 34,715 crore was approved, a government spokesperson said.

During the meeting,Singh said the state government is keen on improving the lot of the last person in the remotest village. Various departments of the state should work in close coordination to achieve success, the official quoted the CM as saying. The interests of the farmers will be protected by enlarging the irrigation facilities and a mission will be launched to increase the food production by rapidly developing agriculture, Raman Singh said. The available irrigation facilities should be utilised to the maximum extent possible, the CM said, noting that a large number of anicuts have been constructed over canals and rivers. Solar-energy driven pumps can help the farmers to a large extent, he said.

A detailed presentation was given before the approval of the final draft of the ‘Annual Plan 2016-17’. The proposals stress on improvement in irrigation facilities, increase in agricultural production, upgradation and extension of network of roads, education, health, freedom from malnutrition and other crucial issues. Meanwhile, Singh instructed the department officers to complete the pending irrigation projects in a time-bound phase, the official added.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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