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Code Green Solar Expands Commercial Installations

Code Green Solar Expands Commercial Installations


Code Green Solar, LLC., recently completed a solar installation for Engine Distributors Inc. (EDI). The Ford Motor Company partner was founded in 1958 and is currently a leading engine distribution company. The roof mount is of 137.46 size DC and is producing more than 175,000 kwh each year. This sizeable installation marks the further expansion of Code Green Solar’s commercial development.

Pete Scaffadi, Controller at EDI and lead coordinator of the installation said, “Making the decision to go solar will benefit our company by lowering our electricity rates and giving us the opportunity to go green.”

Code Green Solar has broadened its market from residential solar; reaching new heights in commercial solar installations. Code Green Solar has installed various commercial solar systems; each company satisfied with the added benefits that switching to solar has brought to their business.

“As the New Jersey solar market is maturing, Code Green Solar is looking to diversify their business. Commercial installations are a significant focus of that,” said Tom Cleary, Code Green Solar’s Vice President of Commercial Development.

About Code Green Solar, LLC.

Code Green Solar is New Jersey’s leading neighborhood renewable energy and solar provider. Code Green Solar provides solar in New Jersey, South Carolina, California, and Puerto Rico. The company has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity since its inception in 1994. Code Green Solar uses Tier-1 solar panels and microinverters to maximize a homeowner’s solar experience. For more information, visit our Website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Engines Distributors Inc.

Engine Distributors Inc. (EDI), a partner of Ford Motor Company, is a leading engine distribution company in New Jersey. EDI provides powerful and reliable engines to consumers with a selection of engines designed for agricultural and power purposes. Since the company began engine distribution in 1958, they’ve expanded to five locations across the Atlantic coastline. The company is owned by Glenn Cummins Jr, Glenn Cummins III, and Jaime Cummins; the Cummins family has been in the engine distribution service for 50 years.

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