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College students develop solar powered e-rickshaw for city roads

College students develop solar powered e-rickshaw for city roads


Meet, Vikram Pratap Singh, a student at Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT) who has co-founded a solar e- rickshaw, that is much better than the existing battery running e-rickshaw in the city.

Singh along with Taranpreet Singh, recently presented a protoptype for an electric bicycle at a college fest and from there they got the idea of developing this kind of transport mode for the commuters.

While speaking to an Indian Express reporter, Vikram Pratap Singh said, “I was at a college fest with my professor presenting a model of an electric bicycle when it occurred to me that Delhi as a city was in dire need of a clean energy automobile to help ease its pollution woes. Speaking with rickshaw drivers in the city, my idea grew more certain. But it was after long conversations with e-rick drivers in the city that gave me the idea to make a solar powered e-rickshaw for Delhi.”

Technical details of the e-rickshaw:

This solar powered e-rickshaw relies on renewable energy
It has nine solar panels fitted at different angles where it allows for maximum amount of sunlight
Also, the rickshaw produces almost 360 watt power
It consists of four lead acid batteries with both batteries and solar panels
This solar e-rickshaw gives 50 per cent more mileage than a normal e-rickshaw
Moreover, the cost of this solar e-rickshaw will be around Rs. 1.2 lacs
“We spoke to e-rick drivers and realised the biggest issue being faced by them is constantly having to go back home to recharge their rickshaws. The solar panels in the rickshaw not only charge the rickshaw as the driver is driving, but also provide 50 per cent more mileage than a normal e-rick,” said Taranpreet Singh, the co-founder.

Not only this, the duo have won many other awards at various college fests.

Further, speaking about the technology of this e-rickshaw, Vikram Pratap Singh said, “Many have created solar ricks, but our technology is not just affordable, but also efficient. We have already patented it, but our dream remains to create an automobile that runs exclusively on solar energy and reaches an energy efficiency of at least 25-30 per cent.”

“The Delhi government has announced so many measures from vacuum cleaning the roads to the odd even policy. But we believe vehicles driven by renewable energy can really be a game changer in the city,” Vikram Pratap Singh added.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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