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  5. Crossover Technologies Collaborates with Solar Technology Leader to become Sunpreme Channel Partner – Promoting Bifacial Smart PV Panels in Philippines
Crossover Technologies Collaborates with Solar Technology Leader to become Sunpreme Channel Partner – Promoting Bifacial Smart PV Panels in Philippines

Crossover Technologies Collaborates with Solar Technology Leader to become Sunpreme Channel Partner – Promoting Bifacial Smart PV Panels in Philippines


Bringing Highly Efficient Bifacial Smart PV and Services to Philippines Clients

SAN FRANCISCO: Crossover Technologies Inc. (CTI), the Manila based solar developer and installer, has joined Sunpreme Channel network — a strategic partnership program designed to deliver the most advanced solar products and superior engineering to commercial and industrial clients through leading solar installers. Sunpreme carefully selects its strategic channel partners, awarding the distinction only to installers that consistently put Customers First with high quality and cost competitive solutions.

Designed with bifacial advantage and smart integrated optimizer– Sunpreme PV panels absorb light from both sides increasing energy yield (kWh) per kWp and generating additional electricity through reflective and diffuse light. Operating in some of the harshest wind, rain and coastal environments, Sunpreme frameless, dual-glass panel design are built to withstand salt-spray on coastal areas and extreme wind speeds over 300km/h during tropical storms. Since area is a premium cost on island locations, Sunpreme PV panels produce significantly higher energy output than conventional panels and come with robust reliability and durability for tropical island applications.

Renowned for trust and positive customer experience, CTI provides the most reliable solar solution packages for commercial and industrial applications in the Philippines, while delivering the highest level of customer service. “We are honored to be recognized by Sunpreme as a Channel Partner. Their global reputation with high quality standards is an endorsement of CTI’s commitment to our customers. Our customers trust us to provide technically superior products with compelling value, knowing that they can count on our engineering experience to deliver consistent results. Sunpreme represents everything we look for in a premier product to inspire the customer’s enthusiasm and innovative technologies on all our business projects,” said Antonio M. Garcia, Chairman at CTI. “By partnering with Sunpreme, we have set new standards for performance, panel-level optimization and monitoring for our clients. This panel-level transparency helps build trust with every project we install, while simultaneously maximizing energy yield over conventional panels,” added Garcia.

“The growing commercial and industrial rooftop markets in Philippines are of strategic importance for long term solar power value for 30 years or more. We congratulate CTI Philippines for its leadership towards cost competitive PV solutions, and warmly welcome them to Sunpreme Channel Partnership. CTI is well positioned to drive growth with their strong customer base, and we’re privileged to have collaborated with them on several commercial projects,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President for Global Business Development, Systems Product and Quality & Reliability at Sunpreme. “Sunpreme GxB380 SM bifacial smart panels with integrated optimizer are the most advanced high efficiency panels available today — providing clients with consistent and superior lifetime yields, and safest long-term energy investments. The product comes with an industry leading warranty, higher bifacial performance, and delivers one of the best cost performance value in the industry,” added Bedi.

About CTI

Headquartered in Manila, Philippines, Crossover Technology Inc. (CTI) is a market leader that designs, develops and commissions solar PV system solutions. CTI bring the commercially innovative solar power technologies, with a mission to grow business around strategic partnerships — with solar innovators at a competitive cost. The company is expanding its product portfolio and services to offer best in class solar technologies for rooftop commercial, industrial and residential applications for Asian Market. As part of its long-standing commitment to excel in achieving its customer satisfaction, CTI ensures that it delivers superior service and best-in-class product offerings that meet all of the commercial needs of its clients. For more information please visit www.CTI.ph.

About Sunpreme Inc.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA, Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops, and manufactures its innovative bifacial double glass panels utilizing a proprietary Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT), with efficiencies ranging from 21.8% to 24%. These panels deliver best-in-class cost performance value, with an outstanding warranty. Sunpreme’s Bifacial, Smart optimized panels are among the world’s most powerful, with STC outputs ranging from 310 to 510W, before any bifacial boost, and with superior product reliability and environmental stewardship. Sunpreme is ranked among top three module providers and won the 2018 Frost & Sullivan award for new product innovation, continuous improvement and strong leadership. Sunpreme solutions are deployed in 28 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.sunpreme.com and Sunpreme Booth # 2139 and 2042 at 2018 SPI Trade Show, Anaheim CA.

Source: Sunpreme, Inc.
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