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Delta Joins COP21 Paris to Support Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

Delta Joins COP21 Paris to Support Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction


Delta Group announced recently that group founder Bruce Cheng would be leading management executives and representatives from the Delta Electronics Foundation to the COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. To show Delta’s active support for the goals of COP21, the delegation will take part in Delta’s Road to Paris Campaign activities through a number of side conferences and exhibitions to share the progress made by Delta in green buildings, energy conservation, and carbon reduction with representatives from around the world. An advance team from Delta set up a corporate display at the COP21 main venue on November 30. On December 1, they entered the Grand Palais to begin setting up the “Delta 21 Green Buildings Exhibition”. Premiering a documentary that follows the Foundation from Lima (COP20) to Paris (COP21), Delta will demonstrate its strength and continuous efforts in green buildings over the past year. During the press conference, Delta’s advance team in Paris sent back first-hand imagery and shared their progress through an international video conference link.

Delta is expanding its involvement with COP21 this year to showcase all of Delta’s results in energy conservation and green buildings. Delta Founder and Honorary Chairman Bruce Cheng, Chairman Yancey Hai, CEO Ping Cheng as well as Director of Delta’s Road to Paris Campaign and Executive Director of the Delta Electronics Foundation Ms. Shan-Shan Guo will all deliver speeches or take part in panel discussions at various official forums and side conferences. They will cover a variety of topics such as sustainable cities, innovative energy conservation and the carbon reduction of green buildings, as well as share Delta’s strategy and success stories on pursuing sustainability.

Group founder Bruce Cheng said that Delta is fighting against climate change by progressively increasing the efficiency of its power supply products. Delta’s high-efficiency products and solutions have helped customers save nearly 14.8 billion kWh of electricity and reduced carbon emissions by about 7.9 million tons of CO2e from 2010 to 2014, exceeding the total annual carbon emissions of some countries. Delta also actively supports the Commit to Action corporate carbon reduction initiative of the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project). Having already reduced its energy use intensity by 50% over the last 5 years, Delta is now committed to a further reduction of 30% by 2020. He hoped that COP21 would bring the efforts made by Delta to the attention of the world and called for more businesses and people around the world to join in the fight against climate change. Delta has also compiled its experience and commitment to energy conservation into its Delta’s Plan for Action on Climate Change to show Delta’s active support for the goals of COP21,

Delta Chairman Yancey Hai noted that “sustainable cities” is a key topic at COP21. Delta has long focused on improving the efficiency of energy use and provides not only the expertise to the three key requirements of Communications, Connectivity and Computing essential to smart cities, but also high-efficiency energy storage, smart grids, electric vehicle charging, energy management and renewable energy solutions that can be used to build a low-carbon power infrastructure for cities. At the “Sustainable Innovation Forum”, a key event at COP21 that will be held at the Stade de France on December 7, Mr. Hai will take to the stage along with representatives from national governments and leading companies to promote their perspectives on sustainable cities.

Director of Delta’s Road to Paris Campaign and Executive Director of the Foundation Ms. Shan-Shan Guo stated that the Delta Foundation hosted its first side event at COP20 Lima in 2014. Their presentation on the rebuilding of Namasia MinQuan Elementary School using green buildings gained significant international attention. This time at COP21 Paris, as negotiators from countries try to reach a legally binding climate agreement, Delta will take this opportunity on the international stage to highlight its energy-saving practices as an enterprise through various side events. At the same time, Delta will demonstrate its technical strength through the exhibition with a large-screen film in the Grand Palais in Paris. Delta will show both its concerns in climate change and commitment to carbon reduction.

This year’s COP21 is widely considered the most important global climate change conference in the last decade and national governments are expected to reach a concrete agreement on carbon reduction. Delta is also expanding its involvement through a series of its Road to Paris Campaign activities to include a corporate exhibition at the main venue with the “Delta21 Green Buildings Exhibition” at the Grand Palais, as well as the “Sustainable Innovation Forum”, “Delta21 Green Building Forum” and more.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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