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DGP Launches Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

DGP Launches Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant


Today the Telangana DGP Anurag Sharma, and Smt Mamatha Sharma started the “35 KV Solar Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant” at ‘Suvidha’ building at Lakdikapool.

Speaking on this occasion, the DGP said that one of the major issues that the world is grappling with today is Global Warming and there is an urgent need to take remedial measures. As part of our environment-friendly initiatives, we have installed a “35 KV Solar Photovoltaic of Solar Power Plant” which is estimated to produce an annual energy feed of around 52,000 KV. We are very happy to launch this at Suvidha which is the guest house of our staff. This would also reduce power consumption and save costs, besides being eco-friendly, he said.

On this occasion Ms. Sowmya Mishra, IGP welfare, said that it is a matter of pride that Suvidha is the first Super Market which has a Solar Power Plant in Hyderabad city.

The president of Suvidha, Vajpayee said that Suvidha’s income in a month was Rs 27,000/- when it was started in Aug 1981, and now it has touched Rs. 29 lakhs a month. SP . M. Ramesh, Sharath Kumar, CA and others were present.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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