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Expert panel bats for flexible energy bourses, real-time trade

Expert panel bats for flexible energy bourses, real-time trade


An expert panel today pitched for real-time trading of power and making energy exchanges more flexible and robust in the country in view of integration of 175 GW electricity from clean sources. “There is need for more frequent market clearing in power exchanges, e.g. multiple iterations in day-ahead segment and new products like real time market, flexibility markets, capacity markets etc,” suggested Technical Committee on large scale integration of renewable energy. Elaborating further, it said that more frequent market clearing (sale of power) and introducing new products like real time markets — the opportunity to buy and sell power two hours ahead — may provide a platform to sell or buy surplus power when in deficit.

Power Minister Piyush Goyal released the Report of the Technical Committee on Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy, Need for Balancing, Deviation Settlement Mechanism (DSM) and associated issues here today. He also launched Ancillary Services Operations in India and said this is going to be a game changing report which will set up unparallel benchmarks in the world. The Minister assured to diligently work on recommendations of the report. Taking about the grid management, he said that now his team will take up ‘one nation, one grid, one price 24X7’ on mission mode. Goyal explained his action plan for international support by informing that India will provide free of cost technical support for strengthening of grid systems of the neighbouring SAARC countries and under developed countries in other part of the world. India has set an ambitious target of achieving 175 GW of renewable generation capacity by 2022.

In order to integrate such high penetration of renewable energy and address the concerns of the stakeholders in renewable energy, a high level Technical Committee was constituted. The committee had extensive deliberations and has recommended several actions, such as bringing flexibility in the conventional generation, frequency control, generation reserves, ancillary services, forecasting, scheduling, deviation settlement mechanism, balancing requirement, data telemetry and communication, Renewable Energy Management Centres (REMCs), Transmission system augmentation and strengthening as well as certain compliance actions at renewable generation front. The Committee has put forth a 15 point Action Plan for facilitating large scale integration of renewables in the country, in a secure and reliable manner.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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