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Finland wants to collaborate with UP in energy sector

Finland wants to collaborate with UP in energy sector


Finland Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tillikainen said here today that they wanted to collaborate with Uttar Pradesh for joint ventures in the energy sector. He said this was their first visit to the state for this collaboration. “Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest state that is developing economically and this provides many kinds of opportunities directly between the state and Finland for collaboration” said the Minister.

He said that they had brought a delegation of over 20 companies from Finland which are working in the area of Energy, smart grid, renewable energy with high technology. Kimmo said that their country ranked well in environment and climate friendly energy. “Our companies also have the expertise in high efficiency energy where there are less of losses and where energy is used in the most optimal manner” he added.

He said that they had endeavoured to find out about the requirements of the state of Uttar Pradesh. “We know that the India is currently focused on the Clean India Mission, the Smart city project and we will hold an interaction with the Government officials as well as hold the business to business meeting inorder to find out what is the specific requirement area for the state of Uttar Pradesh” he added. Giving further information he said that Finland had reinvented itself and was still doing so.

“With our innovative mindsets and strong academic orientation we are used to offering high class energy technologies and digital solutions. The Finnish energy system is the most advanced in the world and the major driver for development in Finland has been the improving the service reliability of the National Electricity System. This has led to high level of energy distribution automation.

Supported by the well operated and maintained Finnish infrastructure, Finnish companies have implemented plenty of digital solutions that increase the efficiency of infrastructure in energy water as well as in other simmilar fields” he said. He disclosed that forty percent of the Finnish energy is produced with renewables like biomass, hydro, wind and solar power.

Our main exports are electromechanical goods, metal products, machinery, transport equipmemt, wood, paper products and chemicals and our main imports are raw materials, investment goods and consumer goods” he added.

Source: news.webindia123
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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