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Fresno County Chooses YgreneWorks to Address Clean Energy and Climate Resiliency Upgrades

Fresno County Chooses YgreneWorks to Address Clean Energy and Climate Resiliency Upgrades


 Today Ygrene Energy Fund announced Fresno County has selected the award-winning YgreneWorks™ PACE (property assessed clean energy) program to help home and business owners finance a broad range of energy efficiency, renewables and water conservation upgrades. As a leading national PACE provider with more than$785M in committed capital, Ygrene continues its rapid expansion in providing residential, multifamily and commercial property owners across the country a simple and easy process and service excellence. YgreneWorks has completed 23,000+ contracts for over $506M in eligible property improvements nationwide, leading to $1.2B in economic stimulus, 7,500 new jobs created and sustained, 2.1B gallons of water saved, and $1B in utility bill savings, equal to providing one year of power to more than 500,000 homes.

To date, Ygrene has been selected by 284 communities nationwide. Contractors, property owners, and elected officials trust PACE pioneer Ygrene to help grow their businesses, protect and improve the value of their properties and address the effects of climate change.Bryant Madrigal, Fresno homeowner: “I was going to pay cash for installing central air and new windows. Since I’m self employed, PACE has the benefit of a tax write off for me. Everything was easy to understand and my contractor worked with me and answered all of my questions. I’m very happy, very satisfied, and now I have additional cash I can still invest in my house. I’ve already recommended YgreneWorks to four different people.”

Doug Warring, Owner of Big Valley Windows: “We’re generating $3 million in annual sales and in the last two years PACE has become 90 plus percent of our business. YgreneWorks is a great avenue for homeowners to access capital to improve their home and pay it back through property taxes. It’s such a great idea that we used PACE on our own house to put in a new HVAC system, install a cool roof, and go tankless with our water heater.”Ygrene is a leader when it comes to safe, transparent PACE financing with a high level of commitment to customer protections. From application through approval, construction, project completion and funding, Ygrene’s customer protection policies ensureFresno County consumers are supported every step of the way with its complete set of contractor certification, underwriting, consumer disclosure, data security and senior protection policies. For more information, view or download Ygrene’s Customer Assurance and Protections.

YgreneWorks for Fresno County
Ygrene’s people-first approach to financing gives homeowners and businesses the most accessible and affordable way to pay for energy efficiency and climate resiliency upgrades. Rather than paying the high up-front costs and monthly payments often associated with credit-based financing, YgreneWorks allows property owners to pay off improvements with terms of up to 30 years through their property tax bill. In addition, they can access YgreneWorks’ list of certified contractors who will work with them to select and install eligible upgrades such as solar systems, energy efficient windows and doors, heating and air conditioning, cool roofs, and more.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Fresno County to bring the most comprehensive PACE program and greater choice to residents and business owners,” says Stacey Lawson, President and CEO of Ygrene. “As the need for water conservation and energy efficiency upgrades continues to grow,  access to fast and affordable financing is essential in order to meet the demand of building strong, resilient communities.”

With $2.1B+ in approved applications for more than 29,000 buildings, the YgreneWorks program continues to make great strides in assisting cities and counties across the nation meet their clean energy and climate resiliency goals and assist property owners in making improvements that may save them money and can increase the value of their properties.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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