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General Manager – Design and Engineering

General Manager – Design and Engineering


Job Title: General Manager – Design and Engineering
Reporting to:
Educational Qualifications:
Work Experience:
Location: New Delhi
Travel: Head Design & Engineering

Corporate Overview:
Azure Power is a new-age independent solar energy company with cutting-edge technology. We harness the abundance of solar energy in India to offer clean and affordable solar energy to customers with zero upfront cost and operational expenses. Azure Power has been at the forefront of developments in the sector since its inception in 2007.
Azure Power has presence in 14 states. Azure has created a historic first success for private investment in renewable solar power generation in India. Azure Power is the lowest end-solar cost power producer in the industry and have been successful in bringing the power cost from INR 17 in 2009 to INR 6.44 in 2014. Azure Power has been the benchmark setter for the Indian Solar Industry with the first solar power plant launch in private sector at a mega scale in Punjab. The company also installed India’s first megawatt scale solar rooftop project in Gandhi Nagar Gujarat and which was awarded the top 10 Public Private Partnership, 2013 by World Bank. Azure Power is Solar as a Service offering, manages the entire project process for its customers, reduces costs of generating electricity, and provides long-term predictable pricing. Our offices are located across India and US. We are currently hiring for positions in our Delhi office.
Long-term objectives:
Align to company’s Vision and Mission Statement to be the Lowest Cost Power Producer, to ensure quality execution through standard Design which Gives Higher LCOE. To lead a team of motivated Professionals who imbibe the organizational culture and align themselves with the company’s growth.
Job Responsibilities:
Complete Design of Projects within Timelines, Value Engineering.
Technical Due Diligence of Service and Supply Items
Validation and Reliability of Technology for ensuring better and improvised PLF
Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Aspect Impact on Environment consideration.
Performance Analysis of Design and Actualization from Real time Data.
Yield Estimation and Interaction through Independent Engineering Firms during Projects
ISO implementation and Implementation of Document Management System.
Technical Support to O&M & Projects team where ever required
Building Technical Competence of Design and Engineering team through Trainings.
Desired Experience and Skills:
BE / BTech Electrical with relevant exposure in Design and Engineering of Solar Power Plants
Minimum Experience of 15 Years in Power System Analysis and Design
Dynamic & Result Oriented, Attentive towards Details, Technology Oriented & Analytical – High On Technical Calculations and Solution Driven Approach, Good Solar Business Acumen…

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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