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Germany:Federal Network Agency issued allowances in the fourth PV -Ausschreibungsrunde

Germany:Federal Network Agency issued allowances in the fourth PV -Ausschreibungsrunde


The Federal Network Agency today bezuschlagt 21 bids with a bid amount of 128,000 kilowatts in the tender for photovoltaic ground-mounted systems.

” The ability to be able to bid for projects on agricultural land in less-favored areas have used many bidders. This has led to a renewed reduction in the price level ,” said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency . Of the bids that have received an award, based on ten areas of arable land in less-favored areas; so that the quota for this year has been exhausted. These Ten Commandments have a circumference of 70 megawatts, an overall amount of 100 megawatts of surcharges on arable land had been possible. ” The bezuschlagte on arable land bid amount was thus less than expected ,” said Homann continues.

In this round the surcharges again in bid price method ( “pay as bid”) were determined. The volume-weighted surcharge value is / kilowatt hour at 7.41 cents. “The impression of the bidding rounds from last year has solidified: Also in this round are the average surcharge values ​​declined for the promotion of photovoltaic ground-mounted systems continued,” Homann summarizes the result. “The drop in prices again clear evidence of the competitive pressure in the market,” he added. Final results can only be released when it is established whether a clearing procedure is performed. This is dependent on whether and to what amount financial bid Second collateral. For this purpose, have the successful bidder until April 29, 2016 Time.

A contract was concluded with a KG , nine of GmbH & Co. KGs and eleven to LLCs.

108 bids were received for the fourth round of calls at the Federal Network Agency. Of which 31 were related to agricultural land in less favored areas. Total projects with a volume of 540 megawatts were offered, the bid volume of 125 megawatts was oversubscribed several times again. It had 16 bids will be excluded because they did not meet the eligibility requirements.

The successful bidder will be informed of the contract via email. You must now provide a second safety since the award goes otherwise. If for bids with a total amount of more than 30 megawatts no second security is provided, the Agency performs the beginning of May 2016 clearing process through.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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