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Green Charge Announces New Solar Partner Solution with Energy Storage Performance Guarantees

Green Charge Announces New Solar Partner Solution with Energy Storage Performance Guarantees


Green Charge today announced a new solution for the solar industry providing a simple, bankable way to add energy storage to new and existing projects. Designed for commercial solar developers and asset owners, the Green Charge solution includes design services, advanced control software, proven hardware, operations monitoring, and a kilowatt reduction-based performance guarantee. With Green Charge’s performance guarantee, the integration of energy storage into solar projects allow solar developers and asset owners to avoid years of investment and risk associated with creating a proprietary storage offering.
“Energy storage improves the performance of a solar asset and the value of a project,” said Sean Kiernan, vice president and general manager of solar plus storage at Green Charge. “Solar developers can compete in a competitive market by offering combined solar and storage technology solutions immediately. This new Green Charge offering gives solar developers the tools they need to succeed without adding performance risk to projects.”

In 2017, the energy storage market is expected to double in size in California thanks to more than $448 million in federal and local incentives to pair storage with solar projects. Together, both solar and energy storage work to lower electric bills: solar by overall consumption and storage by spikes in power demand. Variable power generation is a weakness of solar systems that energy storage improves on. Pairing solar and energy storage brings stability, increased reliability and resiliency to the electrical grid.

According to a recent report by market research firm Navigant:

The global electric power industry is evolving from a financial and engineering model that relies on large centralized power plants owned by utilities to one that is more diverse—both in sources of generation and ownership of the generation assets. This transformation will continue to have a significant impact on the solar PV industry worldwide. Key emerging trends that will shape the trajectory of the global distributed solar PV (DSPV) market in particular include price drops, changes in financial incentives, and emerging business models.

“The combination of local solar and local storage will help deliver a smarter and more efficient electricity grid that will benefit all Californians,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association. “Providing a simple and seamless way to combine these two technologies will allow more schools and businesses to control their energy behavior, save money, and protect our environment.”

For more information about the Green Charge solution please click here.

About Green Charge:

Green Charge has been designing and deploying commercial energy storage since 2009, with systems installed throughout the United States. As part of ENGIE, the largest independent power producer in the world, Green Charge’s mission is to use energy storage to power the world efficiently and sustainably. Our team consists of top energy storage industry experts who provide performance-based solutions to optimize the value of energy for our customers. Our ecosystem of solar, EV charging, and energy efficiency experts allows our customers to combine energy storage and renewables easily and economically.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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