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Growatt’s Melbourne Road show

Growatt’s Melbourne Road show


Kingston Golf Club, Melbourne: Growatt introduced its 2.5k-5.5k MTL-S single phase inverters, 50k-80k MAX new generation three phase inverters, power storage inverters for both hybrid SPH inverter and AC coupled SPA inverter to more than 50 installers and distributors who attended this road show.

On the software side, Growatt has the advanced OSS (Online Smart Service) to help installers and distributors remotely fix any inverter related issues.

During the road show, Growatt emphasized its after-sales service in Australia, which has worked extremely well over the last 8 years. All after-sale cases, received either by phone or email, will be handled immediately by Growatt’s four full time service engineers in its facility in Silver Water, Sydney.

Many attendees recognised Growatt, with its eight years, as the most mature Chinese inverter brand in the Australian market and, even with this degree of familiarity and the over 100,000 inverters working efficiently throughout the country, they were still enthusiastic about the performance of both the inverters and OSS system.

Source: ginverter
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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