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Hanergy celebrates Mandela’s 100th birthday; vows to light South Africa with its mobile energy solutions

Hanergy celebrates Mandela’s 100th birthday; vows to light South Africa with its mobile energy solutions


BEIJING: The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), showcased its solar power umbrella product on October 13th at an event celebrating Mandela’s 100th birthday at South African Embassy in Beijing, China. The event that was organized in-line with the company’s latest initiative, “Experiencing Humbrella at Embassies”, aims to promote the idea of using solar power with more electricity deprived countries and regions.

In the presence of ambassadors from Chad, the Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and over 1,000 visitors, Ms. Dolana Msimang, the Ambassador of South Africa, dedicated a speech to Mandela, the father of South Africa and one of the greatest figures in world’s history. In her speech, she referred to Mandela as a visionary leader who had great influence on the world’s political arena.

Enthralled with the experience of Humbrella and Hanergy’s other technologically advanced mobile solar products, Ambassador Msimang welcomed Hanergy to invest in South Africa. Further, expressing her vote of trust in Hanergy and its par-excellence products, Ms. Dolana Msimang said, “South Africa remains open to business and provides a conducive environment for investors through its simple tax system, free flow of information, minimal exchange control and political stability.”

Re-iterating her confidence in Hanergy’s products and their market potential, Ms. Msimang averred, “This kind of product would be very well received in South Africa, especially in the rural area, where electricity shortage is a big problem.”

Echoing Ambassador Msimang, Lv Yuan, Hanergy’s vice president said, “At Hanergy, we’re steadfast to ensure the all-round development of South Africa by introducing our unique mobile energy solutions into the region. We’re confident that our products will surely light up the lives of African children and facilitate the fast-paced development of Africa.”

At the event, Ambassador Msimang also proposed Hanergy to showcase its mobile energy products at the upcoming Ambassadors Meeting of South African Nations, which could help more African countries to learn about Humbrella and Hanergy’s cutting-edge solar technologies.

Currently, South Africa’s per capita emission rate is higher than the global average. Therefore, the country is putting numerous efforts into the green economy. Among all the renewable energy resources, solar power holds the most potential in South Africa.

The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Program issued in 2011 by the South African Government suggested that “cost associated with renewable energy will be equivalent to that of non-renewable energy” by 2030, which proves the great market potential of renewable energies in South Africa.

Incorporated with the world’s highest conversion efficiency thin-film solar panels, Humbrella can convert sunlight and generate electricity ensuring a 10-hour high-quality reading time or charging more than 10 smartphones with its 4 USB ports.

In the Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference held in Suzhou, China on October 18th, Hanergy continued the “Experiencing Humbrella at Embassies” project by showcasing Humbrella and other mobile solar products to Ambassadors and energy officials from more than 70 countries.

About Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd –

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd (0566.HK) is a Hong Kong-listed company, and a subsidiary of Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. As one of the leading thin-film solar companies in the world, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd is committed to “Building Mobile Energy”. Since 2009, Hanergy has been working relentlessly to integrate worldwide solar technologies, and making a robust investment in research and innovation in the field of thin-film solar power. Thin film solar technologies have been applied to a series of commercial and non-commercial products, including HanTile, HanWall, HanCar, HanWindow, Humbrella, HanPack and HanPaper.

Source: Hanergy Thin Film Power Group
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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