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Head Power Systems-Sterlite Power – New Delhi, Delhi, India

Head Power Systems-Sterlite Power – New Delhi, Delhi, India


Job description

Role Description

Role Title

Head – Power Systems

Role Purpose

Responsible for Power System Planning studies, Economic Analysis/Assessment and to develop in house capabilities of power system studies, modelling and simulations.

Working with Policy Advocacy

What the role entails

System Study & Transmission Planning (SS&TP)

SS&TP- 1: Responsible for planning an efficient & economical Interstate Transmission system and Intrastate Transmission system.

SS&TP- 2: Responsible to carry out relevant system studies as per the Manual on Transmission Planning criteria and prepare transmission addition proposals for general system strengthening in the interstate and intrastate transmission network, evacuation of power from Intrastate generation projects including renewable energy sources and drawal of power from ISTS points.

SS&TP- 3: Regularly carry out system adequacy studies for the planned/ongoing system and bring out any strengthening needed to remove constraints for interstate and intrastate network.

SS&TP- 4: Responsible for assess the export / import capability of the planned transmission system for each state/region and identifying the transmission bottlenecks and suggest for the transmission strengthening system required.

SS&TP- 5: From the relevant system studies identify the corridors where there is potential congestion in the system and also following NLDC reports to identify those such corridors.

SS&TP- 6: Analyse the investments in the transmission sector proposed by governing agencies and find the out the possibility of alternate solutions, which can reduce the investments and strengthens the system both technically and economically.

SS&TP- 7: Responsible for feasibility studies for the states to include large scale renewable sources integration, considering optimal mix of various generating sources like wind, solar, hydro and other conventional source. Studies for load generation balance scenarios conspiring the maximum, minimum load conditions along with periodical variation of RE dispatch and identifying critical transmission infrastructure corridors required for the maximum penetration of RE sources.

SS&TP- 8: Based on the relevant power system studies like Steady state and Dynamic Analysis assessment of transmission line loadings, voltage profile, reactive power requirements need to be done and bottlenecks in the transmission system in the state level and region level need to be identified.

SS&TP- 9: Power system planning and feasibility studies at state level and region level need to be carried out and identify the critical network which requires Updation in terms of reconductoring with HTLS, replacement of overhead lines with cables, changing of existing corridors with MCMV systems and any other upgradation of the network for the overall strengthening and benefit of the system.

SS&TP- 10: Responsible for dynamic study simulations to identify the network upgradation opportunities with high performance conductors and if required assessment of FACT devices like SVC, TCSC etc., to strengthen the system.

Economic Studies & Assessment (ES&A)

ES&A-1: Exposure of power markets and knowledge of POC charges, Economic valuation and tariff modelling, Power market and demand forecasting,

ES&A-2: Exposure of Power market analysis, transmission planning in deregulated energy markets and Transmission congestion & Nodal pricing analysis.

ES&A-3: Exposure of Revenue and operational impact on conventional generation, integrated renewable generation and transmission planning.

Ecosystem & Team Building (E&TB)

E&TB-1: Create Power System Studies capabilities in the team.

What we are looking for in you

Ability to think innovative tower configurations, strategically to build the In house Competence, give training to existing engineers.

Passion and energy for support to the Team.

Market creation in the energy delivery space through power system studies at interstate and intrastate level.

Exposure on the grid codes and transmission planning criteria practiced by various countries.

Breadth of perspective cutting across new age practices.

What we promise to you

An opportunity to bring about real change in house competence

A platform to experiment fearlessly.

A deep respect and focus on your individual well-being, personal space, and overall growth

Role Demands: Travelling as required

Location: N Delhi

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