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Hong Kong’s first waste-to-energy plant opens

Hong Kong’s first waste-to-energy plant opens


T·PARK, Hong Kong’s first waste-to-energy plant officially opened on 19 May, providing an innovative and eco-friendly solution for the problem of sewage sludge disposal facing the city.

The sludge treatment facility now incinerates the sludge produced at Hong Kong’s 11 sewage treatment works. The foul wet sludge that would otherwise be dumped in landfill, will be reduced to ash, representing a reduction of about 90% by volume.Housed inside the iconic roof is one of the most technologically advanced facilities of its kind in the world. At its peak, the facility can treat up to 2,000 tonnes of sludge every day. As the sludge burns, energy is conducted in the form of steam and reprocessed to power the entire facility. It can produce two megawatts of surplus energy, equivalent to enough electricity for up to 4,000 households. Any surplus energy will be exported to the regional grid. The sophisticated flue gas treatment methods also ensures that any remaining air output is clean for environmental emission.

A self-sufficient and highly sustainable environmental facility, T·PARK incorporates numerous green features and is designed to achieve the BEAM Platinum rating. Wastewater is treated and reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning purposes. A seawater desalination plant produces fresh water for use on-site while rainwater is collected for non-potable use. Up to 70% of the facility is covered by local greenery and native species.Arup has been involved in detailed engineering design for all civil, structural, geotechnical and building services associated with the buildings, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as fire engineering for the project.The state-of-the-art facility will feature exhibitions, guided tours, rooftop garden and spa services for the public to enhance environmental awareness and education.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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