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Huawei and Adani Green Signed a 500MW Procurement Contract

Huawei and Adani Green Signed a 500MW Procurement Contract


Adani Green Energy Ltd, India’s largest solar power developer, executed a contract with Huawei to procure and use for its upcoming 500 MW projects, Huawei Fusion Solar 3.0 Smart PV Solution, including the latest smart PV inverter (string inverter) SUN2000-43KTL, smart array control unit which integrated SmartLogger, PLCC and Anti-PID Module. The Adani Group is one of India’s leading companies with revenue of over $10 billion. Founded in 1988, Adani has grown to become a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in key industry verticals – resources, logistics, energy and agriculture. The Group’s integrated model is well adapted to the infrastructure challenges of operating in emerging economies.

In renewable energy sector, Adani has ~800 MW projects in operation. Solar capacity includes a 648 MW solar power project at Ramanathapuram district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, which is the world’s largest single location solar power plant. The company has a pipeline of 1.2GW Solar PV and 300 MW Wind Power Projects and is set to become the largest renewable power generation company in India. Adani plans to develop 10 GW power plants in the next five years in India, paving the way for the JNNSM’s goal of 100 GW renewable energy by 2022.

To achieve this goal, Adani actively searches for strong partners worldwide. As per the latest report from IHS and GTM Research, the shipment of Huawei inverters reached No. 1 in the world in 2015. Worldwide Huawei Smart PV Solution has been highly praised by customers due to its higher yields, smart O & M, safe & reliable operation. Huawei treats India as a very important market outside China. Outstanding performance of Huawei, prompted Adani to partner with it for its renewable energy development business. The cooperation between both parties is undoubtedly a strong combination and will assist the boom of renewable energy market in India.

With India’s hot and humid climate, traditional power plants face certain limitations, such as difficulties in installation and maintenance, frequent failures of consumables such as fans and fuses. Huawei Smart PV Solution can perfectly avoid these problems. Huawei string inverter is protected to IP65 and can withstand perennial sun and rain, ensuring 25 years of service life. The natural cooling design without fans and fuses eliminates the possibility of frequent faults. Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) technology substitutes for RS485 communication cables to reduce cable routing duration and expenses as well as the line loss on signal transmission, and improves data transmission efficiency. The string-level monitoring allows you to rapidly locate the PV modules with low energy yield, which ensures high energy yield and improves the maintenance efficiency. These advantages help solve the problems that trouble PV owners for a long time and are the main reasons why Huawei Smart PV Solution has won customers’ favor.

Mr. Jayant Parimal, CEO of Adani Green Energy, said that Adani is moved by Huawei’s professional belief of treating customers as the center and continuously creating benefits for them. Adani believes that Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution is a great technological innovation and is perfect fit for Adani’s plants. Adani expects not only continuous and higher energy yield, but also higher efficiency, intelligent O&M, and better economic benefits from this Solution. This is win-win cooperation between Adani and Huawei in industry leading technology. Huawei actively supports Adani in building industry benchmarks in India. Meanwhile, the value of Huawei Smart PV Solution is recognized by leading developers in the world once again.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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