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Hyundai Motor Offers Lifetime Warranty for EV Batteries

Hyundai Motor Offers Lifetime Warranty for EV Batteries


Hyundai Motor has launched a comprehensive care program “believe” for customers who purchase its electric vehicles (EVs).

BeliEVe is a program that offers various benefits related to quality, charging, and economic value to customers who purchase Hyundai EVs. The automaker provides a lifetime warranty for batteries to buyers of the Ioniq Electric and a 10 years and 200,000 km warranty for batteries to those who buy the 2020 Kona Electric. It also provides a free warranty for parts of EVs such as drive motors, reducers and slow chargers and inspects EVs free of charge once a year for up to 8 years.

To ensure that customers can use Hyundai’s ultra-high-speed charging equipment with ease, the company provides High Charger, a smartphone application that informs them of the location and congestion time of charging stations. It also operates a financial program to lower charging costs.

In addition, through a used car price guarantee program, Hyundai guarantees the residual value of the used cars if customers sell the Ioniq and Kona EVs within two to three years after purchasing and buy new Hyundai cars. For customers who purchase one of the two models through installment plans, credit cards and lease programs, Hyundai will give a personal charger for free or an EV charging card (300,000 points) beginning this month. The carmaker also offers lease and rental programs for EVs and benefits for those who purchase exclusive Blue Members cards.

Source: businesskorea.co.kr
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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