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India, Italy Coop in Science can give integrated solution to global problems: PM

India, Italy Coop in Science can give integrated solution to global problems: PM


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that India and Italy coming together for enhanced cooperation in science and technology can open new opportunities and will also create ground to meet the global challenges in “a more effective manner”.

In his address to the valedictory session of India-Italy Technology Summit here, Prime Minister Modi said in the contemporary setting, while India is fast growing economy in the world at the same time in science and technology, Italy has its unique recognition worldwide and a rich legacy.

“We have a huge domestic market, youth force and technology innovation. This eco-system can really push the country to newer heights and will emerge as the growth engine globally. At the same time, he said, “in manufacturing, Italy’s name is taken with respect. The brand is well known for quality”.

Therefore, he said it will be all the more imperative that both India and Italy can cooperate “in high quality research”.

“With this cooperation we can find “integrated technological solution” that can deal with the global challenges,” Mr Modi said.

Therefore, he said the India-Italy cooperation in science is imperative and has thus gained its importance all the more.

“The cooperation should be more in the service of human race and the importance about the same is now more than what used to be in the past,” Mr Modi said.

He lauded the “ongoing efforts being made by the scientific communities and business leaders in both the countries to augment research and innovation in the cutting edge sections”. “The benefits of research and innovation should in effect reach the common people,” he said adding “therefore, I often say science can be universal but technology has to be local”.

India is now prepared to take a giant leap to take technology to the next level of optimum use of technology, Mr Modi said. “We want to make it a tool of improved efficiency to serve the country,” Mr Modi said. Dwelling on his formal and diplomatic talks with the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, PM Modi said he was thrilled to see the firm commitment of the Italian leader to improve India-Italy ties.

Both the countries can cooperate on renewable energy, environment science and IT and culture.

“While enhancing our cooperation, we must also ensure that the real results of research and development should not be confined merely to laboratories and rather should be made available to the common people,” Prime Minister said.

Source: UNI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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