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IOC Gujarat refinery to set up 1,400 kW solar power unit


As a measure to reduce its carbon footprint and increase in utilisation of renewable energy, Gujarat Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) has laid out a plan to set up 1,400 kW of solar power systems that will be commissioned in the year 2016.A grid-connected 250- kW solar power system is already catering to the partial electricity requirement of technical building including daytime lighting and air conditioning, informed the company.

“The system automatically gets synchronized with Gujarat Refinery’s Power System at LV level during day time and similarly gets offline during evening period. Grid-connected systems are the most common type of solar grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system,” said S K Dhar Gupta, Executive Director, Gujarat Refinery.Dhar Gupta also mentioned that in a first for the Indian Oil refineries in India, the Gujarat Refinery has set up a Visual Model-based Safety Park to train its workforce. Inaugurated recently, the park constantly reminds and highlights the importance of safety measures to the workforce.

“The refinery has a large number of contractual workers working for various tasks at the refinery. They require regular training on safety and precaution measures before conducting a job at the refinery. Lock Out Tag Out system and electrical safety systems, confined space entry safety system, hot job safety system, Chemical Safety procedures and SOPs have been put up in the safety park which shall be a complete safety guide for visitors, contract workers and employees of the refinery,” said Dhar Gupta.For the first time, the company has used SEED (Safety in Each and Every Deed) project for safety culture improvement at Gujarat Refinery.

“The genesis of the safety park lies in the fact that 80 per cent learning is done by observing and seeing the situation personally. In order to provide safety training that all workers can understand, we have tapped the visual model based approach to make an impact on the mind of the viewer,” said Dhar Gupta.The company is implementing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant within its 13.7 mtpa refinery complex with an investment of Rs 160 crore. The mechanical completion of the RO plant is expected by March 2016.The RO plant will maximise reuse of treated effluent by improving its quality and thus reduce fresh water consumption considerably.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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