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LA Solar Group Named to Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies

LA Solar Group Named to Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies


LA Solar Group has been just honored by Inc. 500 as the 75th fastest growing company in America joining the ranks of companies like Microsoft, GoPro, and Oracle.

“This is a very prestigious award that our entire staff contributed to achieving. Our secret to growth is fearlessly doing the opposite of other companies. We exclusively focus on our customers. We don’t invest in marketing, call centers, or convincing people to buy from us,” says Ara Petrosyan, founder and senior design engineer. “All that savings goes into the best technology and training of our staff to deliver the best product and best experience with the lowest price. This customer-focused, organic cycle of growth has made us one of the fastest growing solar companies in the country, and the number one solar installer in California,” says Ara.

“We care about our sales growth, but what we care about most is what each customer’s experience is, and how our products make our customers’ lives better. Solar is not just a technology and not just method of saving money, or just about a great price and the best products –solar is a long-term beautiful relationship with homeowners and we are very honored to be their partner in that.”

Established in 2012, LA Solar Group was started by engineers wanting to provide customers with the latest technology and engineering design, exceptional installation and support for the lowest possible price and the fastest return on your investment. LA Solar Group has quickly become one of the top solar companies in the United States, while not losing track of every customer’s unique needs and desire to have the perfect system. With core values of integrity, expertise and passion, LA Solar Group makes solar accessible, affordable and understandable to its customers.

LA Solar Group started with a vision that a homeowner’s experience should be based on a homeowner’s choice. LA Solar Group has opened the possibility and created an opportunity to choose a company for a large investment in their homes.

It takes leadership and innovation to provide an excellent level of customer service and a uniquely efficient product offering in a evolving industry such as solar. LA Solar Group zeroed in on customer service, which resulted in a significant amount of referral growth and excellent returns on investments for the happiness and independence of our clients.

“Here is something else very unique about LA Solar Group,” says Ara; “We have our own in-house design and installations crews. We do not sub-contract our general work out to other companies. This allows us to control the quality and consistency of the LA Solar Group experience. This combined with a very low customer acquisition cost allows LA Solar Group to offer the best price, equipment and quality on the market. We believe this high standard is the future of the solar industry, and we are committed to delivering that to our customers. We are here to Empower the Future Together with our customers by offering the best price, the best equipment and installation, the best quality, the best warranty, the fastest return on investment, and the best customer experience –today.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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