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LA Solar Group Provides 7 Steps to Get Started With Solar

LA Solar Group Provides 7 Steps to Get Started With Solar


LA Solar Group has revamped their strategy, invigorating the solar landscape in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and Ventura Counties. With their high level of solar expertise and well-trained solar installers in Los Angeles, LA Solar Group offers quality, performance, and the best electric bill savings with solar.

LA Solar Group is Los Angeles County’s fastest growing solar company. The company earned this distinction by successfully offering the most competitive solar PV system prices. With quality equipment and exceptional customer service, LA Solar Group continued to build its standing in the industry by delivering tremendous value to home and business owners. This is quickly making them the best solar company in LA.

LA Solar Group developed its positive reputation as one of the top installers in Los Angeles by changing its business strategy. “Honesty and integrity is our primary business model,” stated one of the company’s spokespeople. To demonstrate this adage, the company recommends those seeking to eliminate their electric bill by going solar to conduct their own research before selecting a solar installation company. There are few, if any, other solar installers in Los Angeles that will encourage potential customers to do that.

To become the fastest growing and best solar company in Los Angeles, LA Solar Group had to make a few changes. During the last few years, the company created a marketing formula based around the needs of its customers instead of focusing on the bottom line. Today, they are now able to offer a solar PV system with the most savings to property owners in Southern California at any income level.

Below are the 7 steps to get started with solar. More information is available on our website.

Approve sight plan and solar agreement
Schedule site review and design confirmation
Process financing or leasing application
Submit plans to building and safety office
Start Installation
City final inspection
Turn on the system and install monitoring
“Amazing service and people! Came through with all their promises and excellent workmanship. Timely, honest and competitive pricing. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting solar installed.”
Yelp Testimonial, January 2016

With highly trained solar experts and solar installers in Los Angeles, LA Solar Group delivers quality construction with world class service. The company’s team will design the system appropriately to ensure that it operates at its peak level, making LA Solar Group the best solar company in Los Angeles and all of Southern California. LA Solar Group does not subcontract installations and has a team of experts to do every solar project in a timely and professional manner.

When homeowners hire LA Solar Group, they can feel confident that they’ll be working with the best solar company in Los Angeles. You don’t get to be a top solar company in LA without a high level of professionalism, expertise, and values that are based on efficiency, service, high attention to detail, support, and organization. LA Solar Group is an advocate for the customer, so they only offer the best choice, which leads to their positive feedback and referral business.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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