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M10 delivers 300 MW high performance stringer to India

M10 delivers 300 MW high performance stringer to India


The Indian photovoltaic industry relies on German engineering: “Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt. Ltd”, the Indian module manufacturer based in Bangalore, has placed an order for two high performance “Kubus” stringers from the German Freiburg-based company M10 Industries AG in December this year. “This means that our soldering machines from the new stringer generation will be delivered to India the very first time”, explains
Gregor Reddemann, CEO and co-founder of M10 AG. The Indian market has grand ambitions regarding the expansion of their local PV production. “Make in India”: The Indian company Emmvee is translating this into action by expanding their module manufacturing capacities with the help of the newest German solar technology. By means of only two “Kubus MTS 5000” machines, Emmvees’s module manufacturing capacity is enhanced by more than 300 MW.

Stringer “Kubus” reduces production costs

M10 Industries developed the “Kubus” stringer due to the simple demand for reduced production costs through uninterrupted production processes. “Kubus”, the new stringer generation, is able to solder three times as many cells, thereby replacing several stringers at once on a minimum surface area. Further the machine has the ability to process 3, 4 and 5 bus bar cell configuration. Managing Director Manjunatha D.V. from Emmvee confirms that “Kubus”by M10 was selected after intensive capability analyses and having full confirmation of the maximum production capacity.

M10 Solar Campus provides all options for testing

“The order from India has now been placed merely twelve months after the first prototype kicked off with production in our subsidiary SI Module in Germany”, says Gregor Reddemann. Emmvee’s decision was based on the customer-friendly options provided by M10 Solar Campus. Here the M10 AG machines are tested internally under production conditions. The certified production line at M10 Solar Campus provides all necessary quality-relevant options for testing.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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