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M10 Industries AG’s Kubus passes 72-hour stress test on the first attempt

M10 Industries AG’s Kubus passes 72-hour stress test on the first attempt


The first two high-performance tabber stringers made by M10 Industries AG, based in Freiburg im Breisgau, have successfully passed Indian module manufacturer Emmvee’s site acceptance test. These two tabber stringers will enable the Bangalore based photovoltaic company to increase its annual capacity by 340 megawatts. The Kubus MTS 5000 stringer, winner of the Intersolar Award last year, is the only soldering machine in the world that can deliver uninterrupted production with a flow rate of 5,000 cells an hour.

“Our Kubus stringer can finally show what it is really made of. We achieved the promised 5,000 cells per hour and the system availability during the 72-hour stress test was measured at 98 percent,” emphasizes Gregor Reddemann, CEO of M10 Industries AG. “Similar stringers achieve significantly less with around 85 percent actual production time.” Furthermore, the yield proved to be more than 99.85 percent. This is the number of defective units in relation to the total number of units produced. The measured cell breakage rate was also very low at 0.014 percent. “Emmvee has always been in the forefront in adapting new technology. The acquisition of the Kubus stringer with latest soldering technology will help us to achieve greater heights in solar module production”, explains Manjunatha D. V., Managing Director and Founder of the Emmvee Group. Emmvee can independently continue with their high-volume production line with this cutting-edge, German technology from M10.

Increased capacity in the same amount of space

Initially the company had planned to increase their production by moving to a new factory. But then, in 2015, engineering company M10 brought out Kubus, its high-performance tabber stringer. “The new Kubus stringer which can solder high volume solar cells in a smaller foot print has helped us to expand our capacity in the existing facility,” says Srinath T., Emmvee Group’s technical director. Emmvee is the first customer in India to use the new Kubus soldering machine. The two tabber stringers were commissioned in October last year. After extensive personnel training for a three-shift operation on both systems, material certification and the production and development of different module and material types, the two stringers finally started production in the middle of January 2017.

Extensive field tests in M10’s own technology and service center

Before making their final decision, Emmvee tested the fast soldering system extensively and with various different materials at SI Module GmbH’s technology and service center on the M10 Solar Campus at company headquarters in Freiburg. Günter Schneidereit, CEO and Co-Founder of M10 Industries, explains the company philosophy, “It is very important to us to work with materials that have been tested and that are actually used in practice – that’s how we develop our knowledge.” Reddemann adds, “This enables us to test customer specific production materials in advance, before we take the machine to our customer’s production facility.” This makes sense and saves money, as 90 percent of the high-performance machines will be exported across the world. Emmvee are very satisfied. The chance they took in investing in Kubus tabber stringer has paid off. The products they produce are top quality and their manufacturing costs have significantly reduced. Emmvee is well equipped for the future.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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