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Maharashtra breaks new ground under Atal Mission; to set up solar power plants to pump water

Maharashtra breaks new ground under Atal Mission; to set up solar power plants to pump water


Maharashtra Government, in an innovate measure has proposed setting up of solar power systems as an integral part of water supply projects to be taken up under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT). A proposal in this regard was made in the State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) for 2015-16 presented before the inter-ministerial Apex Committee for AMRUT chaired by Urban Development Secretary Shri Madhusudhan Prasad today.

Officials of the Maharashtra Government explained to the Apex Committee that using solar powered pumps for operating pumping stations would enhance financial sustainability of water supply projects proposed to be taken up by the state government  under Atal Mission. Representative of Department of Expenditure supported this proposal. The Apex Committee accorded in principle approval to the proposal and directed the state government to undertake detailed cost-benefit analysis before proceeding further in the matter. Maharashtra is the first state to make such a proposal. Apex Committee has earlier approved SAAP for 13 states.

The Apex Committee today approved SAAP for 2015-16 for three states of Maharashtra, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh with a total project outlay of Rs.2,870 cr for improving basic infrastructure pertaining to water supply, sewerage services, storm water drains, urban transport and green spaces and parks. These states account for 72 Atal Mission cities. Of this approved total outlay for 3 states, Rs.2,471 cr will be spent on water supply projects in 31 cities, Rs.260 cr on two sewerage projects in Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra and Shimla, Rs.18 cr on construction of storm water drains in Shimla, Rs.58 cr on urban transport projects in Shimla and Rs.69 cr for developing green spaces and parks in 69 cities.

As per AMRUT Guidelines, central government will provide assistance of Rs.1,349 cr including Rs.938 cr for Maharashtra, Rs.332 cr for Bihar and Rs.79 cr for Himachal Pradesh.Project outlays approved by the Apex Committee are: Maharashtra-Rs.2,047 cr, Bihar-Rs.664 cr and Himachal Pradesh-Rs.159 cr. these states have 44, 26 and 2 Atal Mission cities respectively.Maharashtra will spend Rs.1,782 cr on water supply projects in 16 cities, Rs.223 cr on sewerage project in Ulahasnagar and Rs.42 cr on providing green spaces and parks in 42 cities.

Bihar will spend Rs.647 cr on water supply projects in 14 cities and Rs.17 cr on green spaces and public spaces in all the 26 mission cities.Himachal Pradesh will spend Rs.42 cr to augment water supply, Rs.37 cr on expanding sewerage network services, Rs.58 cr on public transport related projects and Rs.4 cr for providing green spaces in Shimla.With today’s approvals, the Ministry of Urban Development has so far approved AMRUT Plans for 2015-16 for 16 states that account for a total of 358 cities.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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