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NEC Energy Solutions and Arizona Public Service Company to Host the Energy Storage Association’s Annual Conference and Expo

NEC Energy Solutions and Arizona Public Service Company to Host the Energy Storage Association’s Annual Conference and Expo


PHOENIX, Ariz.: The Energy Storage Association (ESA) is pleased to announce NEC Energy Solutions and Arizona Public Service (APS) as the conference and utility hosts, respectively, of the ESA’s Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo on April 16 – 18 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. ESA is the leading national voice for companies that develop, integrate and deploy the energy storage technologies we rely on every day.

The Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo will convene thousands of attendees from across the global energy storage industry. The conference features dynamic keynote addresses, educational sessions and workshops led by industry experts and innovators of energy storage technologies. This year, attendees can participate in experiential opportunities hosted in the Expo Hall or in the field, such as the scheduled site tour of APS’ Festival Ranch Battery Energy Storage System to see an advanced energy storage project in operation.

Company hosts NEC Energy Solutions and APS are leaders in the energy storage industry. APS, Arizona’s largest utility, recently made headlines when it announced it would deploy 850 megawatts of new battery storage in the state by 2025. According to ESA’s CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman, “The significance of APS’s announcement can’t be overstated. Alongside the state’s policy and regulatory actions in recent years, this is a definitive signal that Arizona is ready to take on a leadership role, and seize its share of the economic and societal benefits projected in the 35 GW by 2025 storage industry vision report.”

“Arizona is already a national leader in solar energy. The challenge is, no one has figured out how to stop the sun from setting at night,” said APS Chairman and CEO Don Brandt. “As storage technology improves and declines in cost, we will increasingly be able to store the power of the sun cost-effectively to deliver when our customers need it.”

Massachusetts-based company NEC recently announced they are working on a 20-megawatt (MW) battery storage project in Saratoga County, New York. This project is a key part of the next generation of the New York electric grid and will enhance the power grid’s performance and reliability with reduced carbon emissions, while promoting economic and job growth in upstate New York.

“We’re excited to host ESA’s Annual Conference. We see exponential growth in the global energy storage market, with an expected fifteen-fold increase in market size by 2024,” said Steve Fludder, CEO for NEC Energy Solutions. “The conference is a great opportunity to bring together stakeholders and highlight best practices as well as share new strategies to make the energy storage market even stronger.”

To register or learn more about the ESA Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo, visit our website at http://esacon.energystorage-events.org.

About Energy Storage Association
The Energy Storage Association (ESA) is the national trade association dedicated to energy storage, working toward a more resilient, efficient, sustainable and affordable electricity grid – as is uniquely enabled by energy storage. With more than 170 members, ESA represents a diverse group of companies, including independent power producers, electric utilities, energy service companies, financiers, insurers, law firms, installers, manufacturers, component suppliers and integrators involved in deploying energy storage systems around the globe. More information is available at: www.energystorage.org.

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Source: energystorage.org
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