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Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. Enters Negotiations To Bring Manufacturing to India

Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. Enters Negotiations To Bring Manufacturing to India


Neo Lights Holdings, Inc (http://neolightsholdings.com/), a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of light emitting diode (LED) technologies, which include innovative LED sensors, networking systems and smart integration with applications including renewable/green technologies, off-grid networks, and on-grid emergency management solutions, is looking to expand its IOT/Cloud technology manufacturing globally.

They serve international and domestic clientele, offering a variety of solutions ranging from networked LED products to traditional lighting products.

Beginning in North America as an engineering and research firm focused primarily on the then emerging solar energy and LED technologies, Neo Lights Holdings quickly made a name for itself by finding green and renewable energy solutions on critical infrastructure projects.

Their core teams of engineers, PhD’s and manufacturing specialists have been an integral part of various projects such as government, municipal, and commercial industrial spaces including tunnel, bridge, and hospital projects. Their smart technology municipal off-grid streetlight systems are the cutting edge in that field.

In May of 2018, Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. acquired Simkar Corporation (http://www.simkar.com/), based in Philadelphia, PA. A well-known manufacturer of lighting products, Simkar’s world-class large scale manufacturing capabilities will enable Neo Lights Holdings to deliver their new technology quickly to an eager marketplace.

“We are truly excited about this acquisition. It is in line with our growth strategy and will allow us to expand our current product line, and accelerate our LED smart technology into the marketplace,” said Alfred Heyer, CEO of Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. “This is great news for our customers in the commercial, domestic, international, and government markets.”

Looking to expand their manufacturing capabilities globally the last few years, Neo Lights Holdings have focused on India, based in large part on their Make-In-India program. Aimed at developing India into a manufacturing hub, Make-In-India attempts to increase its Foreign Direct Investments.

“The Prime Minister’s emphasis on Make-in-India is very good. But we have to reduce the friction to Indian entrepreneurs and foreign companies to start new manufacturing entities in India as manufacturing has considerable scope for even semi-illiterates and illiterates too,” Narayana Murthy said in an interview to the Indian Express.

Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. is in discussion with a variety of Indian manufacturing companies in order to determine which relationships will provide the most mutual benefit.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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