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Nordex Helps Uruguay Reach 1,000 MW Installed Capacity

Nordex Helps Uruguay Reach 1,000 MW Installed Capacity


The Nordex Group, a wind turbine manufacturer with more than 20,000 MW installed capacity globally, has made wind history in Uruguay. The country reached 1,000 MW of wind power connected to the grid with a N117/2400 MW turbine, which was the 13th to be commissioned at the “Pampa” wind farm. Nordex thereby strengthens its support of wind energy in Uruguay and maintains its firm commitment to this market, 17 years after having also installed the first wind turbine in the country, a N27/150 KW model, in 1999. In the words of Patxi Landa, CSO of Nordex SE: “We are very proud to be part of the realization of UTE´s vision of changing the energy landscape in Uruguay. This, a country in which we have installed more than 300 MW to date, and we intend to continue increasing that figure.”

The country expects to surpass 1,300 MW of installed capacity by the end of 2016 and continue growing the contribution by wind energy to the country’s power grid, aiming to supply 38% of its power consumption from wind in 2017. Nordex has installed a total of 309 MW in Uruguay in four different wind farms: Juan Pablo Terra (67 MW), Florida (50 MW), Melowind (50MW) and Pampa (142 MW). 209 MW of these capacity were supplied on a turnkey basis. As part of its broad service offering, Nordex is also providing operation & maintenance services for 100% of its installed capacity in the country.

The manufacturer has currently around 5,000 employees, close to 50 of them working at the company´s subsidiary in Uruguay. During the installation of “Pampa”, 450 people are employed at the site. The group has over 30 years’ experience as a manufacturer of wind turbines and as a key partner in the development of wind projects, advising clients on how to achieve maximum performance, regardless of the size of the orders. With its recent merger with Acciona Windpower, Nordex is well-positioned as a strategic player in the wind energy industry. Expecting to become the fifth largest manufacturer in the world, it also consolidates its global presence and product range.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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