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Pho­to­volta­ic in­stal­la­tions da­ta sub­mis­sions and EEG-sup­port­ed feed-in tar­iffs

Pho­to­volta­ic in­stal­la­tions da­ta sub­mis­sions and EEG-sup­port­ed feed-in tar­iffs


In accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the Installations Register Ordinance (AnlRegV), by the end of each calendar month the Bundesnetzagentur publishes a list of the PV installations registered at the Bundesnetzagentur in the previous month, including the total newly installed capacity from PV installations eligible under the EEG.

Please note that this increase includes 12.389 MWp from solar farms that, as of 1 March 2015, must be reported in the installations register of the Bundesnetzagentur in accordance with the Installations Register Ordinance.

The monthly figures published also include all values registered at a later date from older installations. The high number of subsequent registrations since autumn 2014 is mainly attributed to a new network operator obligation: The Installations Register Ordinance in effect since 1 August 2014 requires network operators to inform the installation operators with their year-end accounts of the installation operators’ duty to report figures to the Bundesnetzagentur via the

The monthly figures are not republished should there be any corrections to the data after original publication. Corrected values provided before the relevant deadlines will, however, be taken account of in the quarterly process of determining newEEG-supported feed-in tariffs for PV installations and in the process of determining the total increase in capacity.

Notifications for May 2016
Notifications in CSV format

The list contains the data submitted to the Bundesnetzagentur with the following information:

Entry date
Postal code of the location of the PV installation
Town or city in which the PV installation is located
Federal state in which the PV installation is located
Installed nominal capacity of the PV installation
Share of the installed nominal capacity in relation to eligible PV installations
Please note:

The entry date refers to the time of registration of the photovoltaic installation at the Bundesnetzagentur and can therefore deviate from the actual date on which the PV installation started operating. For instance, the registration can take place, in the event of the postponement of an initially planned commissioning, prior to, or, in the event of late registration, following the commissioning of a PV installation.
The installed nominal capacity reported in individual data submissions is not to be equated with the total capacity of an installation. If, for instance, a solar farm is commissioned in phases, data is generally then submitted to theBundesnetzagentur successively on different days. The installed nominal capacity of an entire installation is not specified in the lists published by the Bundesnetzagentur.

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