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Pioneering Technology Revolution in  Energy (Battery) Storage Solutions

Pioneering Technology Revolution in  Energy (Battery) Storage Solutions


Commissioning “First of its Kind” Project in India – CEL takes the lead

A tectonic shift in energy generation, transmission and distribution coupled with changing consumption patterns with focus on Smart grid and Clean energy, is driving a need for energy storage to play central role for reliable and stable grid. In March 2018, Raychem RPG installed and commissioned, first of its kind in India, a MW Scale Micro-Grid Energy Storage (Li-BESS) solution at Central Electronics Limited (CEL) Plant at Sahibabad to stabilize its internal grid and allow the company to make best use of its captive solar generation and diesel genset capacity. The complete scope of work for this project included design, engineering, supply, packaging, forwarding, transportation, unloading, storage, installation, testing, commissioning, and grid integration of BESS. The differentiated technology and collaborative efforts by each of the stakeholders including Raychem RPG, LG Chem, Dynapower and CEL helped in achieving this milestone.

In taking forward the country in the field of solar energy and turning it into a mass movement, CEL has set up a dedicated automated solar module production plant at their Sahibabad Plant in Ghaziabad near Delhi. CEL designed and installed a range of power plants on its campus, which showcases many concepts and technologies. Two High Efficiency power plants on the roof of CEL’s administrative and canteen complex has total capacity of 198 KWp, using IBC and HIT solar panels. This complex has been operating in energy positive mode for over 2 years. There are four BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) power plants using specially designed and fabricated solar panels covering the car park, which function as demonstration plants for railway platforms, industrial sheds, warehouses etc. The newest addition is a ground mounted 600 KWp solar power plant using monocrystalline modules, taking the total on campus capacity to 1 MWp.

Disruptive Technology

To achieve control, protection and optimized usage of distributed generation at CEL premise, RaychemRPG installed and commissioned MW scale Micro-Grid Energy Storage (Li BESS) Solution. It is an autonomous system with locally controllable power system comprising of solar power plants, Diesel gensets, Energy Storage, and Load. This system is also connected to the Main Grid power system. When connected On-grid, this system can be used for applications like Frequency Regulation, PV Smoothening, Peak Shaving, while in the event of loss of grid, the system enters into Grid-forming mode and acts as a reference grid for distributed generations (Island mode). The system features Dynapower’s patented Dynamic Transfer technology which monitors the grid and seamlessly transitions a facility from grid-tied to back up battery power, in the event of a grid disturbance.

Dynamic Partnership

Dynapower and Raychem RPG joined forces to utilize combined R&D and market understanding capabilities to design and develop the best PCS solution for a given market. Dynapower brings global experience of over 400 MW BESS installation with over 100 patents and Raychem RPG’s established leadership in energy and infrastructure domain in India, help customers design local solutions with global technology

This is a pioneering project, first of its kind in India, in terms of Technology Leadership in the Energy(Battery) storage space. To bring best technologies to fore, Raychem RPG partnered with global energy storage players, Dynapower and LG Chem in executing this project.

Industry Perspective

CEL showcased great enthusiasm in taking the lead in successfully plunging into this technology revolution. Presently, the Industry is experiencing a tectonic shift in energy value chain. Trends in generation is moving to distributed sources-net metring, captive power, rooftops. Microgrids and Rural & Remote area electrification are on the anvil mandated by governments policies and schemes. The impact of increasing conventional generation cost and preference to cleaner energy are also in play. On consumption side, the duck curve is gradually transforming into a giraffe curve due to shift in peak load pattern and forecasting issues. Reactive power penalties and power baking constraints are becoming significant. These trends are building a case for Energy Storage Solution as a viable solution to handle change in Power ecosystem driven by technology improvement and cost reduction.

We look forward to partnering with Raychem RPG in our augmentation plans and with their continued support, bring technological revolution in the solar energy segment.

– CEL Member

Scope in India

Recently in India, NTPC, NLC & REIL have floated solar integrated energy storage tenders in MW scale for A&N island majorly for PV smoothening and grid stabilization application and reducing dependency from DG gensets. These projects will be the next pioneering step in energy storage field where huge intermittent solar power will be injected into comparatively smaller & less resilient grid and BESS will support the Grid during solar generation hours. Globally, solar integrated energy storage system is slowly becoming a common phenomenon as BESS can provide multiple applications (PV smoothening, Peak Shifting, Energy Shift, Frequency Regulation, Ramp Rate Control, Microgrid, etc. In the past few years, we have seen drastic reduction in battery prices which has propelled the entire energy storage market and justifies the ROI for the projects. The trend is expected to continue in the coming years and energy storage market is expected to go exponentially, like the solar market. McKinsey predicts Energy storage as one of the disruptive technologies and this project gives significant confidence to the Indian Industry to join and support the technology revolution.

Source: raychemrpg
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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