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Siemens launches advanced grid planning software for distributed energy integration

Siemens launches advanced grid planning software for distributed energy integration


Siemens Power Technologies International (PTI), the transmission and distribution planning arm of Siemens Digital Grid, has launched advanced software and integrated planning solutions to improve the integration of distributed energy resources (DER). The PSS® software suite, with PSS®SINCAL, combines all grid assessment tools into one platform to accurately represent distributed energy generation levels. The software also combines data on technical limitations and grid impacts to optimize DER hosting under different scenarios. PSS®SINCAL can be deployed on its own, as well as a vehicle for extending PSS®E, the most widely used transmission planning software in the USA, into the distribution market.

“Siemens understands that making distributed generation systems a success begins in the very early stages of the planning process and why we’ve continued to enhance our planning software platforms to go far beyond industry standards,” said Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Digital Grid, North America. “Integrating increasing levels of distributed energy is a complex process that relies heavily on effective planning and analysis, and with our advanced software and consulting capabilities, utilities can finally have a comprehensive planning approach.”

To complement the software launch, PTI has also developed an integrated consultative approach to utility planning that bridges the gap between historically independent transmission and distribution grid and integrated resource planning. By combining these methodologies and data infrastructures into one integrated process, utilities can more accurately characterize the value of DER on their system and identify the lowest cost options for installation and integration under a range of planning scenarios. Siemens Digital Grid partners with leading utilities and industrial energy consumers worldwide to provide expertise and innovative technologies. In North America, Digital Grid has worked with more than 1,000 energy customers to deliver proven solutions and services that improve operational efficiencies, enhance reliability and resiliency, and empower consumers to better manage their energy use.

To learn more about Siemens integrated planning portfolio, please visit www.usa.siemens.com/digitalgrid.

DistribuTECH 2017 attendees are invited to visit Siemens in booth 3113.

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