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SINENG Comes to Renewable Energy India Expo (REI 2018) with Its Terrific Innovative Product Lineup

SINENG Comes to Renewable Energy India Expo (REI 2018) with Its Terrific Innovative Product Lineup


On September 18, 2018 Renewable Energy India Expo kicked off in India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, New Delhi. SINENG attended the Expo with its overseas main models. It is the company’s another blockbuster debut in the Indian market since its Indian factory opened in August.

1500V High Power Outdoor Centralized Inversion Solution

The centralized ground power station in the Indian market has had the characteristics of large scale and low price level as a monomer power station. And the continuous reduction of investment cost has been the most concerned by investors of the power station and EPC. As the mainstream application technology route of the large-scale ground power station, the technology development trend of centralized inverter begins to move towards 1500V, large capacity, outdoor type, miniaturization and integration. By continuously reducing the single-watt price of the inverter body and optimizing the system scheme, the price of cable, transformer, combiner box, bracket and other system equipment shall be reduced to realize the continuous reduction of initial investment cost of the power station.

As one of the top two equipment suppliers of centralized inverter in China, SINENG has continued to invest in the R&D on the technical update iteration of the centralized inverter, trying to lead the development of the global technology route of the centralized inverter. Through in-depth analysis of the market demands and system solutions, it launched a series of 1500V high power outdoor inverters of 2.5 MW / 2.75 MW / 3 MW / 3.125 MW /3.25 MW, which realized the form of large-capacity monomeric square matrix of 5MW-13MW through parallel connection of 2-4 inverters, sharply reduced the initial cost of the system and has become the mainstream application model in India market.

Distributed Inversion Solution

Traditionally, PV inverters are divided into two types, namely group series inverters and centralized inverters. With the increasing homogeneity of inverters today, the search for more efficient, reliable, durable and safe inverter solutions has become a common concern of the whole industry. Based on its strong strength on technological innovation and R&D, SINENG proposed the technology route of distributed inverters, which integrates the respective advantages of centralized inverters and group series inverters, adopts the strategies of “centralized inversion” and “decentralized MPPT tracking”, and is praised as “a higher-yielding PV power generation solution”.

Distributed PV Power Generation Solution

Aiming at distributed application scenarios such as the large industrial roofs and small industrial and commercial roofs, SINENG exhibited two kinds of group series inverters of 45 KW / 60 KW. It also adopted advanced designs and innovative technologies such as multi-level, soft switching and multi-channel MPPT input and combined with P-V curve scanning technology and PID suppression technology of group series inverters to make its inverters more efficient, reliable and intelligent.

Optical-Storage Integration Solution

SINENG owns ac-dc converter products for energy storage with full power section, and has solutions for various application scenarios such as the power generation side, grid side and user side. It has exhibited the optical-storage integration solution in the PV power generation system in the Expo. The application of energy storage technology in PV power generation system can achieve renewable energy consumption, smooth power fluctuation, peak clipping and valley leveling, and frequency and voltage regulation. It is an important means to satisfy the large-scale access of renewable energy to the power grid.


As one of the leading inverter manufacturers in the world, Sineng has acquired fortune 500 company’s solar division and integrated their advanced experience in inverter technology that has contributed to Sineng becoming Top 5 solar inverter manufacturer globally & so far we have successfully delivered more than 20GW.

In order to provide proactive service and competitive solutions, Sineng has localized solar inverter manufacturing and construes service Head Office in Bengaluru to ensure effective, prominent service availability and product performance.

Having the widest portfolios of solar inverters ranging from 3kW ~3.125MW string inverters,central inverters and central distributed inverters Multi-MPPT makes Sineng Electric suitable for Utility-Scale plants, Micro Grids & small residential photovoltaic systems as well. Sineng electric solar inverters have been installed in the variety of environment at different locations e.g. Hilly terrain, water surface, Dessert, Sea Shore areas, roofs of commercial and residential buildings etc.

Sineng is committed to reducing carbon footprints globally & committed towards clean sustainable energy.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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