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Solar Company Seeks Private Money Investors and Partners Prior to IPO

Solar Company Seeks Private Money Investors and Partners Prior to IPO


Now that the Federal Investment Tax Credits have been extended through 2022 there are huge opportunities and even larger returns for private money investors wanting to invest or partner with Utility Scale Solar Companies here in the U.S. Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has rapidly become one of the largest developers of solar farm projects in the nation as is currently seeking partners and investors for the companies massive pipeline of solar farm projects that total approximately 5 Gigawatts.

Investors would have the ability to invest as little as $5Million, or as much as $50Million over the next 12 months and could generate returns that could be upwards of 50% in as little as 12-18 months. Investors in ISS’s early stage development solar farm projects would also then have the ability to cherry pick the highest return projects out of portfolios for long term ownership if they desire. By partnering with a large solar farm company like ISS investment groups would be assured that they could fill their own company solar portfolio needs while making nice returns for other projects that just get sold at NTP by ISS and the financial partner. The Solar Farm project partnerships would be 25/75 partnerships with the investor being the 25% partner.

As project costs to build solar farm projects have been greatly reduced, tax credits extended and finance dollars more readily available investors have become hungrier for solar partnerships like the one that Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is now offering. Renewable Energy projects are safe, low risk assets which now have economic life’s of approximately forty years due to advances in solar panels, equipment and technology. Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is also in the process of hiring additional executive level positions with the company such as finance, sales, legal and business development as the company finalizes expansion efforts prior to a future IPO.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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