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Solar Farm Company Selling 500MW Blocks of Utility Scale Projects

Solar Farm Company Selling 500MW Blocks of Utility Scale Projects


Innovative Solar Systems is in the process of selling off the company’s next portfolio of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects in 500 Megawatt blocks. The projects all range in size from 20MW to 100MW and have great rate of return 25 year Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s). ISS can also handle the Turn-Key construction of the projects and deliver the projects to the buyer at COD for a small finance charge. Innovative Solar Systems has some of the strongest EPC contracts and relationships in the Solar Industry and is currently building Utility Scale projects for approximately $1/watt, ALL-IN. For Foreign Investors or Foreign entities that do not have a presence in the United States at this point ISS can also assist you with new Corporation formations, supplying you with the Tax Equity Investor here in the US and providing bridge financing for these projects.

Let’s talk a little bit about the track record of Innovative Solar Systems. ISS has been in business for almost six (6) years and has developed and built the largest projects in the Eastern US (Approximately 1GW On Line) and now has over 200 Utility Scale projects in development in over 24 key states throughout the United States. ISS is always ranked within the Top Five Solar Farm Developers in the US and this year is poised to be #1 due to the company’s robust pipeline of new projects.

So why do Investors and other large Solar Companies flock to ISS for their Primo projects? It’s rather simple, better projects, better PPA’s, lower construction costs and lower long term O&M and overall lower cost of Solar Farm ownership which in turn boosts profits on these deals. ISS has been instrumental in helping other conduit partners in the Solar Industry achieve IPO’s and Company sell offs for extreme amounts of money due to the quality and size of ISS’s projects. Recently, a conduit partner of ISS’s that had previously bought almost twenty of ISS’s past projects was able to use ISS’s projects as a spring board to sell their company for somewhere around $1 Billion US Dollars – without ISS’s great projects in their portfolio their valuation at time of sale would have been much less in our opinion.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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