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Solar lamps distributed to remote border villages

Solar lamps distributed to remote border villages


The AoL Rural Electrification Project has distributed Mobiya Solar lamps to the remote villages in Longding, Changlang and Anjaw districts recently.

In Longding district, DUDA Dy Director Bapenlu Kri along with Director, Rural Electrification project of AoL, Chaitanya Sangawar, distributed the Mobiya lamp to 119 families of Longkhaw village. The villagers appreciated the Longding Deputy Commissioner Himanshu Gupta for recommending the name of the village for free distribution of solar lamps for the benefit of villagers.

With the cooperation extended by BDO Komnem Tungkgang, the AoL volunteers also distributed Mobiya lamps to 25 families in Bubang-I, 40 families of Bubang-II, 41 families of Bubang-III and 10 families of Langchuk in Changlang district.

It was a delightful moment for the 23 families in Khulang when Gotitun Krisikro, founder patron of Anu Shiksha Seva Trust reached their area accompanied by Basamlu Krisikro, former chairperson, 6-Wakro Anchal Samiti, Sohan Krong, ASM, and Binod Subba with Mobiya solar lamps by the Schneider. The villagers thanked the Art of Living and AoL Trustee Deepak Sharma, AoL Director Chaitanya Sangawar and Ashok Harishchandra for their noble gesture. Gotitun Krisikro also reached the Pangung village of the border district of Anjaw and distributed solar lamp, gifts of the AoL for the people.

Earlier Mantaw Bellai distributed the AoL solar lamps to all the families of Glotong glat, Chirang glat and Ngilang glat. 150 Mobiya lamps were sent for the border district of Anjaw.

Deepak Sharma expressed happiness over the fact that the lamps were timely distributed well before the New year eve. He said that it was AoL’s long time wish to extend assistance to the people in remote border areas with tough terrain and hostile weather conditions.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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