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Solar power to help MSU head office save Rs 19L annually

Solar power to help MSU head office save Rs 19L annually


Vadodara: MS University head office embraced solar power with the commissioning of 150 kilo watt (KW) solar rooftop project on Wednesday.

With this, the university has commissioned a total of 500 KW of solar rooftop project including that the head office and the Faculty of Technology and Engineering. Further, the university campus will go green with the commissioning of solar rooftop projects at the H M Library building and unit building of Faculty of Commerce.

“We will saving Rs 19 lakh per year with the commissioning of this solar project at the university head office,” said MSU’s in-charge registrar and engineer N K Ojha.

The 150 KW solar rooftop on the terrace of the university head office comprises of 489 panels with each panel measuring one x two metre.

“With 150 KW per hour, we will be generating 600 units per day in ideal conditions. The panels will generate direct current (DC). We have put three invertors which will transform the DC supply to alternate current (AC) supply,” he said.

“If there is any shortfall in the electricity required, the system will automatically take it from the grid. As soon as the solar supply is on, the supply from the grid will turn off,” he said.

The officials are hoping that they will not only save upon the energy bills but will also be able to generate additional power during recess times, public holidays and weekends.

“We have put bi-directional energy meter which will take reading of excess generation that will go directly to the grid. It will also take reading of the supply that we derive from the grid,” he said.

The university has incurred an expense of Rs 78 lakh on installation of the solar rooftop at the head office.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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