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Sonnen Offers Fixed-Rate PV Power Service in Australia

Sonnen Offers Fixed-Rate PV Power Service in Australia


Sonnen, a German battery firm, has rolled out in Victoria State of Australia a power-supply service at a fixed monthly rate of 42 Australian dollars (US$29) for maximum power consumption of 7,500 kWh a year, 52 Australian dollars for 10,000 KWh, and 62 Australian dollars for 12,500 kWh.

In addition to the entire Victoria State, the service, dubbed SonnenFlat, is also available in New South Wales State, South Australia State, Tasmania State, and Australian Capital Territory.

Via cooperation with local PV power retailer Natural Solar, the service entered the Australian market 2017, initiated by a 10 kWh sonnenBatterie Eco 8 project, coupled with upgraded rooftop PV power devices, in New South Wales. Sonnen claims that the service enables a typical family save 2,000 Australian dollars in annual power bill.

“With our power consumption remaining unchanged, we are paying a monthly power bill of 42 Australian dollars, a far cry from 5,600 Australian dollars a year in the past,” said Bo Gacic, a SonnenFlat subscriber living on the outskirts of Adelaide, South Australia.

Nathan Dunn, CEO of Sonnen Asia Pacific, notes that “Thanks to the combination of PV power system, PV cell, and plate solar heater, SonnenFat can meet all the energy needs of many families.”

Sonnen, under the auspices of Shell Group, has eyed communities in Australia. The company plans to integrate the PV cells of customers into a virtual power plant, so as enhance grid reliability.

Source: EnergyVoice
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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