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SunEdison Enters into Agreement to Sell 425 MW to TerraForm Global

SunEdison Enters into Agreement to Sell 425 MW to TerraForm Global


SunEdison, Inc., the largest global renewable energy development company and TerraForm Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: GLBL), a globally diversified owner and operator of clean energy projects, today announced that they have entered into an agreement for SunEdison to sell TerraForm Global a series of projects located in India for the aggregate equity consideration of $231M subject to purchase price adjustments in favor of both SunEdison and TerraForm Global.  These projects will replace a portion of the projects and the associated CAFD that were part of TerraForm Global’s initial portfolio, which have subsequently been terminated acquisitions.

The projects will generate 425 megawatts of capacity in aggregate.  A portion of the purchase price was paid on November 20 and the remainder of the purchase price will be payable on or before December 7, 2016, unless otherwise agreed.  SunEdison utilized a portion of the proceeds from the sale to partially pay down its margin loan.

“This transaction provides higher yields replacing lower-yielding IPO projects that were intended to be acquired through M&A and is consistent with our strategy to focus on organic growth provided by our sponsor,” said Brian Wuebbels, Chief Executive Officer of TerraForm Global. “We are pleased to be able to add these accretive assets with 20 year contracted cash flows to TerraForm Global’s portfolio and believe they are critical to achieving our 2016 dividend guidance.””This agreement is a win-win for both SunEdison and TerraForm Global shareholders,” commented Ahmad Chatila, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunEdison. “This transaction provides accretive DPS to TerraForm Global shareholders.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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