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Suniva Announces Expansion Completion at U.S. Manufacturing Headquarters

Suniva Announces Expansion Completion at U.S. Manufacturing Headquarters


-Suniva, Inc., the leading American manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells and modules, recently announces the completion of its manufacturing expansion at its U.S. headquarters, located in metro-Atlanta, Georgia. The latest expansion increases the company’s Georgia-based manufacturing capacity to 450 MW. This next chapter in the company’s growth brings both an increase in solar cell efficiency and American jobs.Suniva celebrated the completion of its expansion with a well-attended ribbon cutting ceremony that included keynote speakers Assistant Secretary of Commerce Steve Haro and U.S. Congressman Rob Woodall, both of whom recognized Suniva as an American success story.

“Here at home we don’t just talk about partnership, innovation, and economic growth – we bring them to life with real, tangible success stories like Suniva,” said Representative Woodall. “Stemming from the innovative minds at Georgia Tech and going on to become America’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, affordable solar cells, Suniva, is a company that not only reflects our values as a community, but is, in fact, a result of our community. With the tripling in size of their Norcross facility, I couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve accomplished to this point, and look forward to a continued partnership.”

“Our latest expansion demonstrates that American manufacturing continues to be a meaningful force in the global solar manufacturing industry,” said Matt Card, executive vice president, commercial operations of Suniva. “The increase in solar cell efficiency we have achieved, along with our new capacity, brings even more of our high-power products to an even wider customer base. The marketplace continues to benefit from a strong American manufacturer.” Since Suniva’s inception in 2007, the company has led the industry with technology innovation and a focus on growing power density in a cost-responsible way. Suniva’s products reach a wide range of market segments, from residential and commercial, to micro-utility both locally and globally, with a strong presence in U.S. government applications. Suniva employs a higher percentage of American workers than any other tier-1 solar manufacturer.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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