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SunLink Announces New GeoPro and TechTrack Distributed Packages

SunLink Announces New GeoPro and TechTrack Distributed Packages


SOLAR POWER INTERNATIONAL – SunLink Corporation, the leading full-scope solar energy solutions provider, announced today the availability of new GeoPro fixed tilt and TechTrack Distributed single axis tracker product packages. The new product packages are designed to provide EPCs and developers with increased product pricing transparency and greater customization to meet the unique needs of the full spectrum of solar projects. “Today’s sophisticated solar customers are looking for a solutions partner that can provide increased value on a growing diversity of solar projects,” said Kate Trono, vice president of products at SunLink. “There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that can effectively be applied to every project. The new GeoPro and TechTrack Distributed product packages empower customers with choice and flexibility by delivering highly engineered products bundled with value-added services and technology that maximize their investment on every project in their portfolio.”
New GeoPro Product Packages

SunLink’s GeoPro is known as the most flexible and reliable fixed tilt solution for ground mount solar projects of all sizes and complexity. It is the preferred choice for challenging sites and offers module independence with its support of all major framed and frameless modules. Key benefits of the GeoPro product include:

Foundation flexibility for soils of all types with W-Posts, Groundscrews, Helical Piles, cast in place ballast, or a hybrid of solutions
Terrain following to minimize site grading at an industry-leading 20% East-West
Ability to co-locate with TechTrack Distributed to optimize a site’s energy density on projects with varying levels of complexity. One engineering team for seamless layout and uniform application of consistent standards and geotech testing, saving time and money
GeoPro will now come in two product packages:

Standard Package which includes world-class engineering, stamped structural packages, and project management support to ensure success on every size project
Speed Package which bolsters the standard package with the inclusion of components specially designed for maximum adjustability, and delivery of ready-to-install, pre-assembled parts. Perfect for projects where installation efficiency is the top priority.
New TechTrack Distributed Product Packages

SunLink’s TechTrack Distributed single axis tracker is the most technologically advanced tracker available.

Intelligent operating modes optimize performance for ever-changing environmental conditions including wind, snow and flood. The proprietary Dynamic Stabilization feature efficiently redistributes loads, allowing the tracker system to handle extreme wind with less steel, fewer foundations and lower cost. The Virtual Pivot creates 120-degree accurate tracking to maximize generation potential while eliminating dead space and enabling superior terrain following
ETL certification to UL 2703 and UL 3703 standards
Foundation counts and section size counts are consistently the lowest in the industry, reducing steel costs and on-site sequencing headaches
TechTrack Distributed will now be sold in two product packages:

Standard Package which includes world-class engineering and project management support to ensure success on every size project, as well as commissioning support with tracker status reports from VERTEX
Pro Package provides additional topographic grade following foundation analysis to minimize steel overages and ensure install tolerances; a certified commissioning team for faster interconnection and ongoing access to actionable system performance data via VERTEX
Comprehensive Services and Support

In addition to the GeoPro and TechTrack Distributed product packages, customers may also choose to layer on Cold Weather, PowerCare geotechnical, installation or O&M services to allow them to focus on their core business while taking on more commercial and utility-scale projects. Coming into its third year, SunLink’s signature PowerCare program optimizes system design, expedites commercial and small utility completion rates and ensures the lowest tracker maintenance costs in the industry.

Data Insights for Increasingly Intelligent Solar Projects

SunLink’s intelligent tracker control and performance monitoring platform VERTEX increases uptime confidence and enables more efficient O&M. VERTEX subscriptions can also be layered onto any TechTrack Distributed product package.

VERTEX provides real-time data for insights into a tracker’s tilt and its impact to energy generation, fueling the intelligent control system that auto-adjusts the tracker to wind, snow and O&M modes of operation. Beginning in 2018, TechTrack with VERTEX will reduce the cost of O&M and improve project outcomes by putting superior O&M and analytics tools in the hands of our customers.

“Data accessibility is already inspiring a major shift in the utility industry where siloed systems have been the gold standard,” said Martin Lynch, SunLink chief operating officer. “At SunLink, data analysis is informing product development, assisting in early detection of issues and moving our customers toward a predictive O&M environment. Going forward, project data will inform systems design and quantify risk, reducing financing costs and accelerating the deployment of solar, fundamentally changing the way we think about a tracker today.”

Learn more about SunLink’s new GeoPro and TechTrack Distributed product packages at SPI booth #3319. An overview of our new product packages is also available as an iBook for download at the Apple iTunes store here.

About SunLink

SunLink Corporation brings powerful solar energy solutions to market through innovative, highly engineered products, in-demand customer services and best-of-breed software that make solar PV electricity easier, safer, more reliable and less expensive to install. In addition to bringing to market well-designed products that are agile in their implementation, the company leverages unparalleled R&D, a legacy of gigawatts of successful projects, state-of-the-art engineering and creative problem solving to develop optimized, full-scope product+service+software solutions for roof and ground-mount solar projects of every size and complexity. It is this unique combination of trusted insights, products, services and EnTech convergence that helps solar developers and installers overcome obstacles and furthers the industry’s shared mission of advancing universal solar power adoption.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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